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SOCIAL SCENE: Bahá’is celebrate

29 October 2017

Bahá’is in Barbados recently joined the worldwide celebration of the birth of Bahá’u’llah, founder of the Bahá’i faith, with a lecture followed by cocktails. The local National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’is of Barbados invited family and friends to the bicentennial... Read More


Lesley ready for the universe

29 October 2017

Lesley Chapman-Andrews spoke her success into existence. So to those who knew her, it was no surprise when the 26-year-old strutted her way to be crowned as the newest Miss Universe Barbados (MUB) last month. It was a dream that she sowed the seeds for about 15... Read More


Hands that heal and help

24 October 2017

Simeon Christophe is good with his hands. And those hands are helping others feel better and improve their lives. So how did Simeon, 39, with a bachelor degree in quantity survey and a postgrad in project management become a certified masseuse? His journey started... Read More


Living through art

23 October 2017

In 2014, Sheri AnnMarie Nicholls won National Festival Independence of Creative Arts gold as a first time entry and also the coveted Prime Minister’s Scholarship for outstanding work. Since then, the “shy artist”, as she describes herself, has been emerging from... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Pablo Rossi plays for Brazil

22 October 2017

Guests celebrating Brazil’s 195th anniversary of independence were treated to a piano recital by celebrated Brazilian pianist Pablo Rossi recently. Brazil’s ambassador to Barbados, Luiz Gilberto de Andrade and his wife Edda Mertz were hosts of the concert at the... Read More


Dynamic duo

22 October 2017

Matthew Gittens and Jabari Alleyne are on a mission to promote change. Their project is the cultural landscape in Barbados and how the creatives are viewed. Both 26 years old, the best friends say they are slowly seeing progress and hope their contribution will help... Read More


Dominica family saved by the grip of God

19 October 2017

LEE-YAHNA LAWSON’s powerful rendition of I Almost Let Go at the Ministry of Education’s lunchtime concert yesterday was a far cry from the experience she and her family recently went through during Hurricane Maria on September 18. In fact, had it not been for their... Read More


Travelling sisterhood

17 October 2017

Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah and Regina Hall have nothing on the Ya-Yas. While the Hollywood quartet recently starred in the blockbuster movie Girls Trip about an epic ladies’ vacation, Georgia natives Shelia Jackson, Sheila Drake, Teresa Tynes,... Read More


Mandy, make-up and monsters

16 October 2017

If you were at the recent cosplay event Animekon, you would have seen some astonishing transformations. The talented hands responsible for many of them are Mandy Cummins. The self-taught special effects make-up artist was in the cosmetic industry for over 14 years... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Change of guard at Corbin’s Catering

15 October 2017

Rosalind Corbin started Corbin’s Catering Services as a small family-run catering business with three employees in 1986. Thirty-one years later she has stepped aside, putting her sons Ryan and Adam at the helm and last week, the family hosted guests to an evening... Read More


Kimberley kicking cancer four years strong

15 October 2017

Last week, Kimberley Bourne was reliving the moment she got devastating news that would change the course of her life. The now 35-year-old was diagnosed with cervical cancer four years ago and during the interview with EASY magazine, she paused, took a deep breath and... Read More


Che puts best foot forward – literally

10 October 2017

Che Amor Greenidge is waiting patiently to get back on her feet. But in the meantime she is not allowing life to pass her by. Her determination to cross the stage at the recently held Miss Universe Barbados pageant while on crutches made this clear. The 24-year-old... Read More


There is a doc a call away

09 October 2017

Bandele Majeks made a vow to find a cure for cancer. That was his “immature goal” (in his own words) at the time to help people with the disease. While that vow is still a work in process the now 39-year-old has made some progress in helping the sick as he is now... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: China celebrates

08 October 2017

Chinese nationals in Barbados, Barbadians and foreign diplomats resident here were among the diverse group of guests toasting the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China at the Chinese Embassy’s Golf Club Road headquarters last week. Charge... Read More


The power-ful minds generating ideas

08 October 2017

Carlton Cummins doesn’t mind being called a nerd. His face lights up with a gigatonne grin at the tag. “I grew up interested in art but I knew I wanted to make stuff also. I would make accessories for my toys, then later I would get technical, making downhill go-karts,... Read More


The unconventional style of Marco Maestoso

03 October 2017

Marco Maestoso mind was centred on cooking. When he was supposed to be in class studying, his mind was churning out culinary confections: “I was always cooking from young, mostly for my friends. I started college and still my mind was on cooking and I wasn’t studying... Read More


Tara has a head for design

02 October 2017

Interior designer, not interior decorator, says Tara Headley, who has to constantly make the distinction between the two. The commercial interior designer said her work included more than choosing colours and décor and fluffing pillows, and is a bit more technical... Read More



02 October 2017

Delegates attending the 92nd conference of the Inter-American Children’s Institute of the Organisation of American States (IIN) were given a taste of Bajan hospitality by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart himself. It was the first time the body was holding the prestigious... Read More


Chenique Jones: Cut out for couture

01 October 2017

When Chenique Jones designs a garment for you, your body becomes the canvas. The artist looks beyond societal pressures and image issues and focuses on highlighting the beauty of your body, regardless of shape or size. “A woman’s body to me is very beautiful,”... Read More


Shawn Alleyne has a graphic mind

26 September 2017

When United States-based illustrator and comic book artist Shawn Alleyne stepped back on home soil and came across the local talent, his life changed. You see, he left Barbados as a boy and had not been back in almost two decades. Alleyne invited EASY to Harmony... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Farewell to the ambassador

25 September 2017

The popularity of former Chinese Ambassador to Barbados, Wang Ke, was in evidence at her recent farewell reception. There was an outpouring of good wishes at the Hilton function for the envoy who made friends in almost every sector of the society during her near... Read More



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