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Frank-ly speaking

18 July 2010

The name Frank Marshall has a particular resonance throughout the Anglican community of Barbados. Read More

No matter what, never let him start abusing you

17 July 2010

I AM NOW truly convinced that men are dogs. Read More

I need my child support money

17 July 2010

THERE IS A LOT of talk these days about protecting the youth from bad influences and giving them more say in what is going on so that they would grow up to be more responsible. Read More

SECRETS' CORNER – Avoid baby mumma drama

17 July 2010

WE ALL WANT the best for our children in their every endeavour. As parents, that is our natural instinct. Read More

PUDDING & SOUSE – Love triangle turns sour

17 July 2010

IT WAS BARE bacchanal recently in The Ivy, St Michael, when a young man who has been involved in a love triangle for a while, Read More

COU COU & FLYING FISH – Seeking another milch cow

17 July 2010

IT IS NOT YET the silly season, but the foreplay from some political operatives suggests that the possible climax to their ongoing efforts is weighing heavily on their minds. Read More


Bays of kids

16 July 2010

Bays of kids. When the Junior Kadooment takes place at the National Stadium on July 24, one of the bands to parade will be Reggie Cave’s band entitled Bays Of Barbados.  The band will highlight the beauty and importance of the bays of this island. This year the band... Read More


Malika queen of the Gladiators

16 July 2010

FORMER JUNIOR MONARCH Malika Hart is the 2010 queen of calypso in the Kingdom Of The Super Gladiators’ annual in-house competition. Read More


Clash of the little giants

16 July 2010

FREEZE! Come again, come again! These commands had people with their hands high in the air; and they will undoubtedly be the buzzwords for the rest of the Crop-Over season. Read More


Sounds like art

16 July 2010

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and the Central Bank, which hosts some of this year’s Crop-Over art exhibition at the Grande Salle, presented a highly interactive, third annual musical and poetic improvisation of artistic works last week Thursday. This was one... Read More


Ole to meet new

16 July 2010

Mighty Sparrow coming for Brewster’s Road show. Read More


Sites, Sounds of China

16 July 2010

There is no doubt that China’s culture and traditions are revered not only by tourists who visit but also by its citizens who display a pride and respect in showing them off to the world. Today we look at three attractions and sites that China is most proud of: the... Read More


Sir Richard's love for law

16 July 2010

The name Richard Cheltenham, QC, appears in the 2010 publication Who’s Who Legal. Read More


Njoko not giving up

16 July 2010

"You can’t tell by looking", the slogan goes. When you look at Musa Njoko, the smile, the exuding charm and feisty vibrance of the petite woman mask the presence of HIV/AIDS. Read More

Sounds of a silly season

15 July 2010

The silly season, explains the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, is the period of high summer when newspapers often publish trivial material because of a lack of important news. This is, of course, on the British side. Brewer’s Dictionary Of Phrase And Fable expands:... Read More


The little 'Dipper'

15 July 2010

For as long as she can remember, Tamara Queen T Bailey wanted to be "a star". Now, as part of the Celebration Time calypso tent line-up, all Queen T has to do is decide exactly how bright she wants to shine. Her song (and there’s a dance to go with it) Wiggle And Dip... Read More


OUT & ABOUT – Cheers for Juniors

14 July 2010

The spotlight was on the young people last Sunday night at the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Semi-finals. Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN – St Pierre puts customer first

14 July 2010

KATRINA ST PIERRE is a poster girl for good manners. This Shell Bank Hall gas attendant believes that no matter what your career is or how much money you have, Read More

Lacking alone time with boyfriend

14 July 2010

Dear Christine, I’ll try to be brief and come to the point of my problem right away. It has to do with my boyfriend who has a friend who also has a girlfriend. We never go out alone. The other couple must always be with us. Christine, I do like them, but what upsets... Read More

Afraid my wife is having an affair

14 July 2010

Dear Christine, MY WIFE AND I have been married to for almost six years and living quite happily with our kids. We have been experiencing some problems in our marriage for about a year-and-a-half now and I was believing that it was related to my work schedule. Now... Read More

Cheaters never marry you next

13 July 2010

Dear Christine, I wish the women out there would respect themselves and not give themselves to straying husbands, Read More


Do you think enough is being done for the 1500 workers that have retrenched by Government?