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The father of Crop-Over

23 July 2010

Barbados is currently caught up in the music and excitement of Crop-Over, but the man considered "father" of Barbados’ biggest festival is tuned out. Read More


Carew a man of purpose

23 July 2010

I just wanted to become somebody worthwhile to society, but in terms of being a lawyer, that was not on the cards originally," says Alphonza Carew. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Stop acting single when you're married

22 July 2010

A year-and-a-half of problems in his six-year marriage had Worried thinking his work schedule might be the cause. Read More


AS BAJAN AS FLYING FISH – Rum-running in his blood

22 July 2010

My name is Frank Ward and I’m the managing director of a rum distillery reputed to be the oldest in the world. Read More

Gold digger took me for all I had

22 July 2010

Dear Christine, I was in a similar position as that man who wrote you in the DAILY NATION of July 6. Read More


Pingjiang Road

21 July 2010

It was a cool and easy stroll down Pingiang Road as we took in the richness of one of the most historic streets in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China. Read More


Out & About

21 July 2010

There were thousands of Happy Feet but muddy feet beating down on Farley Hill National Park last Sunday for Soca On De Hill. Read More


SLICE OF LIFE – 'Senate' in session at Ferniehurst

20 July 2010

ON A RECENT Friday night in Ferniehurst, Black Rock, folks gathered at the "Senate", a watering hole appropriately named for its discussions on public affairs. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – I want to help other parents

20 July 2010

Dear Christine, AS I SAT one day last week folding my son’s nursery school clothes, to put them away for the final time, Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – A fridge would help a great deal

20 July 2010

Dear Christine, I AM asking any of your readers to please help me with a fridge, because the one I had was not working. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – My children sometimes go to school hungry

20 July 2010

Dear Christine, HOW are you doing? I hope this letter finds you in good health. Read More

I like him, but he doesn't seem keen

19 July 2010

Dear Christine AFTER BREAKING-UP with my boyfriend two years ago I met a nice man. He moves with a bunch of friends and I have just become a part of the group, we attend events together. Read More

Daughter having hard time with boyfriend

19 July 2010

Dear Christine, At present I am concerned about my daughter who is intelligent, fairly attractive and competent. She even started and runs a little business of her own. Read More

Uncle making my life unbearable

19 July 2010

Dear Christine, Something is happening in my family that is becoming more and more unbearable. Read More

The sites and sounds of China

18 July 2010

The Nation’s SUNDAY SUN Editor Carol Martindale recently visited China as part of a media delegation from Latin America and the Caribbean. Read More


Fashionable guy

18 July 2010

Dave Cumberbatch always had an eye for fashion. Read More


Rice a shining Star

18 July 2010

Strip away all the sexy hype, controversy and fanfare of the Crop-Over Festival and it would be clear: Read More


Couple's love tango

18 July 2010

Shelly Alleyne is in the marketing field. Glenford Defreitas is in sales. T Read More


Life in the fast Layne

18 July 2010

The year was 2005 when Giselle Layne began life as one with her sweetheart Ron Layne, an avid race car driver. Read More


Farmer for life

18 July 2010

HE IS NOT making any boast about it, but Elkins Le Roy Ward thinks he is one of the best farmers Barbados has ever seen. Read More


Frank-ly speaking

18 July 2010

The name Frank Marshall has a particular resonance throughout the Anglican community of Barbados. Read More


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