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BCD on new mission

30 June 2010

The Barbados Council for the Disabled (BCD) is moving to raise awareness about sexual reproductive health among youth, including those in the disabled community. Read More



30 June 2010

MY NAME IS ANGELA GARROWAY-HOLLAND and I’m a hotel executive chef. Read More


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Raquel has the solutions

30 June 2010

SHE HAS COME to the conclusion that if businesses do not treat their customers right and if they do not respond to customer queries promptly, courteously and correctly, then they are clearly looking to exist for only a short term. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE: Friend's cheating husband affecting her health

30 June 2010

Dear Christine, Good day to you and keep up the good work you’re doing. I am writing on my friend’s behalf. She may be mad at me for doing this, but I love her and want to help her. Read More


THURSDAY'S CHILD: Shania shines on and off court

30 June 2010

She loves netball and sign language. Shania Rosemond, 9, is also involved in the 4-H and Brownies. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE: Asking for help for two little girls

30 June 2010

Dear Christine, The reason why people write is because of the way you get help for them and the advice you give them. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE: Why can't daughter be happy for me?

29 June 2010

Dear Christine, My daughter stopped speaking to me and she has also moved out of my house, because I won’t stop seeing my young partner. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE: Dire need of food and clothes

29 June 2010

Dear Christine, I am a mother of four children. I am receiving Welfare and I thank God for that. But Christine, it’s not enough. Read More


What's up, Docs?

28 June 2010

Dr April Shepherd viewed television in the comfort of her own home for the first time at age 14.  Until then, television had been taboo in the home of Dr Trevor Shepherd and his wife Dr Agatha Scholar-Shepherd, as they raised four children. Read More


Heavy doses of love

28 June 2010

THERE ARE some moments growing up that seem to become enmeshed in a person’s memory. For Kwame Connell such moments are the talks, and philosophical discussions he had with his father. Read More


Pizza Man Doc's recipe for fatherhood

28 June 2010

When it comes to fatherhood, businessman Gray Broome declares flatly: "I am not directly a family man – I am a businessman who raised children." Read More

Artist doing precious things with metal

28 June 2010

EVERY angle and curve of each piece of metal tells a story. They almost, with their meandering shapes, map the path it took to get here . . . to this place and time. Read More


MONDAY MAN – Preserving the world his passion

28 June 2010

He is very passionate about preserving the environment and educating others about the importance of doing so. Read More


Man with a message

27 June 2010

Colin Jordan has stepped from behind the wings of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA) to take centre stage at Read More

I CONFESS: Women, think about your actions

26 June 2010

The following is an edited version of a response to the article Women Lie And Cheat Too, which appeared on June 12. In that article the man said: "Women are the biggest hypocrites in this country, and it is about time men stop falling for their tears." Read More

I CONFESS: Used by men in church and dumped

26 June 2010

WHEN I WAS a little girl, my grandmother used to tell me that if I was honest, decent, hard-working and God-fearing, I would meet a good man, get married, and have a great life. Read More

SECRETS' CORNER: God's help in relationships

26 June 2010

We welcome your feedback for this week’s SECRETS CORNER question which is:Is there any real benefit to praying to God for help in a relationship; and, if you think so, can you share an example of how this has worked for you? Read More

PUDDING & SOUSE: Biggest gay party ever

26 June 2010

THE BIGGEST GAY PARTY ever took place in Barbados last night. Read More

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Four the hard way

26 June 2010

COU COU understands that there is a four-man team from a registered company making Barbados proud in the Caribbean, and simultaneously raking in about US$18 000 monthly in at least one jurisdiction. Read More


Soca pulpit

25 June 2010

FATHER CLEMENT PAUL will be using the calypso stage for a pulpit this Crop-Over. Read More


Ado at large

25 June 2010

THE STORIES of St Philip and the excellence therein are legendary, especially when told by a "Philipine". Read More


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