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'It too sweet'

18 June 2010

As infectious calypso music danced in the atmosphere, patrons moved their feet or simply relaxed and soaked in the vibes last Friday as the Plantation Theatre launched their first Festival Friday event for the Crop-Over season. Read More

Passion for pork lime

18 June 2010

HUNDREDS converged at the BET Complex, Wildey, St Michael for the inaugural Contact Kadooment band Pork Lime. Read More

Kaiso juniors on stage Sunday

18 June 2010

HILDA SKEENE PRIMARY SCHOOL is leading the charge in the preliminary stage of this year’s Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch competition. Read More

10 vying for gospel crown

18 June 2010

A King or Queen of the LIME Gospel Challenge will be crowned at Frank Collymore Hall tomorrow. Read More

My man Malik

18 June 2010

Several members of the calypso and performing arts fraternity paid a visit to the Israel Lovell Foundation on My Lords Hill last Friday night to offer financial and moral support to calypsonian Malik, who last year had an accident that required  surgery on his legs.... Read More

Parents, stop cursing children!

16 June 2010

DEAR CHRISTINE, Greetings in the name of Jesus. I have a few things to say that are worrying me. Read More

Mother should put child in his place

16 June 2010

DEAR CHRISTINE, After overhearing a conversation with my cousin and his friend, I had to write to you. Read More

Looking to help man in need

15 June 2010

Dear Christine, I recently met this man who is crippled. I was very sympathetic to his situation. Read More

Seeking male friends

15 June 2010

Dear Christine, How are you? I am writing you this letter seeking male friends from your country Barbados who are nice and friendly. Read More

In need of a cooking job

15 June 2010

Dear Christine, I am looking for a job working six days a week as a cook or assistant cook. Read More

SECRETS CORNER QUESTION: Keen on single mothers

14 June 2010

Why are so many men keen to enter relationships with single mothers, and what can these women do to encourage these partners to marry them? Read More


MONDAY MAN - Greaves a man of ministry

14 June 2010

LOUIS GREAVES, 57, is very passionate about his involvement in the church and helping youth.This Checker Hall, St Lucy resident Read More

Don't want to rekindle old flame

14 June 2010

Dear Christine, FOR THE PAST YEAR I was having an anxious time with my boyfriend but can't find the courage to call it quits. Read More

Priest: Make marriages work

14 June 2010

DESPITE A RISING DIVORCE RATE, evangelical preacher Reverend Dr Mark Harewood yesterday gave the assurance that "marriages can work", by following practical and spiritual principles.   Read More

Back with husband but missing friend

14 June 2010

Dear Christine, BECAUSE of my husband's heavy drinking I left him and went to live with my mother. Read More


11-Plus success

13 June 2010

PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER Margaret Thompson has the remedy for achieving success in the 11-Plus examination.   Read More

SECRETS CORNER: It's okay to move on

12 June 2010

by SANKA PRICE   THE DEATH of a loving partner is always traumatic. It's an even greater shock if the person was young and his/her demise was unexpected. This unfortunate situation is more distressing when the deceased leaves young children and heavy debts behind with... Read More

I CONFESS: Women   lie and   cheat too

12 June 2010

WOMEN ARE THE BIGGEST hypocrites in this country, and it is about time men stop falling for their tears, complaints and schemes, and tell them where to get off. Each week one woman or the other complains about how a man hurt her feelings; how men always cheat; that... Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Still waiting for him to call

10 June 2010

Dear Christine, RECENTLY A FRIEND OF MINE introduced me to her brother who had just returned from overseas. He said he was divorced and lonely and asked me out.   Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Taking a chance on long-distance love

10 June 2010

Dear Christine, HOW ARE YOU DOING? I hope well, and may God bless you.   Read More

Sister has married lover on lockdown

08 June 2010

Dear Christine,I just can't seem to reason with my sister.She has a man who is married, and she calls his house all hours of the day and night, identifying herself and demanding to talk to him.She gives him photographs of herself in all sorts of poses and in skimpy... Read More


Should the Barbados Secondary Schools' Entrance Examination (11+) be abolished?