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Oxleys serving up family first

25 June 2018

It’s safe to say that when it comes to volleyball in Barbados, the Oxley family runs things. Back in the day, the names of brothers Patrick and Elwyn Oxley were synonymous with the sport. Elwyn was an outstanding national player for 24 years and Patrick an excellent... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: US marks Flag Day

24 June 2018

United States Ambassador to Barbados Linda Taglialatela celebrated the US National Day with a wide cross-section of guests invited to the big June 14 party in the grounds of the Embassy. Known as Flag Day, it commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States... Read More


Kyle bowled over by fatherhood

24 June 2018

Professional cricketer Kyle Corbin keeps counting his blessings every day. One of those is being blessed with a son who is the carbon copy of him. Not only that they share a birthday – May 15. Totally unexpected but an absolute joy. Read More


Bunji and Syri hit right chords

19 June 2018

Ian Anthony Alvarez knew he wanted to be a dad. But he had to get his affairs in order. First item on the agenda was to get married to girlfriend Fay Ann Lyons. “It [getting pregnant] wasn’t planned with a target date per se but we planned in terms of making sure... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Business breakfast meet

18 June 2018

The mood was upbeat with smiles all around after the business sector concluded its annual post-Budget breakfast meeting at Hilton Barbados, on Tuesday. The assembly of businessmen and women is traditionally a very serious forum as the budgetary proposals are dissected... Read More


Family first for O’Brian

18 June 2018

Family is everything for O’Brian St Elmo Worrell. His wife, Navisha, and two sons, Saurav, 13, and Javed, 10, are his entire life. They literally do everything together, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’m very big on family, I believe in family. You should... Read More


Rasheed: All I do is for my family

17 June 2018

Rasheed Belgrave can be described as a risk taker . . . who is also an attorney, an avid footballer and a father of two boys – Aeron, 5; and Liam, 17 months. His most recent risk was branching off into business by himself, after only being called to the Bar two... Read More


Double the trouble, double the blessings

17 June 2018

Jason Simmons has double the trouble. Wearing the hats of CEO of Simmz Exclusive and the bandleader for new band Khepri Culture, he’s also known for throwing some great parties on the Crop Over scene. But he has added a new role to his daily tasks – that of being a... Read More


Blood seeing Redd

05 June 2018

Don’t expect any election-inspired social commentaries from veteran calypsonian Mr Blood this year. The perennial finalist said singing about what transpired before, during and after General Election this year was simply not his focus for the Pic-O-De-Crop competition.... Read More


Fur-ever in love

04 June 2018

Every time Hatuey Corrie returns home, he is greeted at the gate with a burst of affection from his animals. Looking all smiley with their mouths open, his dogs express their love by insane licking and jumping on him, while waiting for a rub on the head. It is... Read More


Sweet success of sugar cane worker Ernesta

02 June 2018

Ernesta Williams grew up on Applewhaites Plantation. Not literally, but many of her childhood memories were made there; and her very first job as a sugar worker, the one she still has today, was at the plantation in Applewhaites, St Thomas. “I started the industry... Read More


‘It does take a village to raise a child’

22 May 2018

During the summer of 2017, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus student Merissa Earle was full of excitement. She was enjoying life and preparing for her final year of studies for her Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. The finish line was in sight... Read More


Strong family bonds

21 May 2018

Chad Joshua Demario Monerville seems reserved, but don’t be fooled. Chad is his mother’s child. While not as demonstrative as his mother Sue Monerville, when the conversation gets going, Chad gets really involved. He is articulate, engaging, knowledgeable and, most... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Coffee break with Scotia

20 May 2018

Finance and figures were set aside temporarily for coffee and light chat when the staff of Scotiabank took a coffee break during the first of a series of free personal financial seminars recently. Debt management, credit and budgeting were some of the main topics... Read More


Bonds that tie

20 May 2018

Rose Hategekimana and Mutamuliza Cutting think they have the ideal mother-daughter relationship. Forty-two-year-old Rose and 20-year-old Mutamuliza share a bond which is admired by many. It is on rare occasions that you see one without the other. Read More


Chefs hungry for success

15 May 2018

Practice makes perfect. With six more weeks to go before the annual Taste Of The Caribbean in Miami, Florida, the reigning Caribbean Team Of the Year, Barbados, have made the kitchens at Divi Southwinds their battleground three days a week. To get feed back on their... Read More


Hazel King: Nurturer by nature

14 May 2018

Hazel King’s love for children has no bounds. From her Pine Plantation Road home, she runs an after-school programme, called The Good News Club, which comprises over 20 children. There, she teaches them memory verses, tells them Bible stories and teaches them art and... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Lesley’s legacy lives on

13 May 2018

The late Lesley Barrow was a keen artist and lover of art who displayed an interest in the development of young entrepreneur artists and gave them encouragement. Following her untimely death in 2008, Lesley’s friends acted to keep her memory alive by setting up the... Read More


‘Being a mother my biggest blessing’

13 May 2018

Natasha Lesprance loves her nieces and nephews. In fact, she is thought of as the super cool aunt by her nephews who she spoils. But Natasha, while the doting aunt, wanted children of her own – twins in fact. But miscarriage after miscarriage robbed her of that chance,... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Luminaries gather at UWI

08 May 2018

Stars from local artistic circles rubbed shoulders with University of the West Indies (UWI) officials, prominent figures from the business community and a host of other guests when the UWI, Cave Hill Campus, staged The Luminaries Gala at the campus last week. Read More


Shallene wants to be a good example

07 May 2018

Being a mother has been a life-changing experience for Shallene “Pookie” Francis. Not only did she become a better version of herself, but she was also able to help a young woman in her Salisbury, St George community develop her talent. Francis, a loctician and entrepreneur... Read More


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