Sir Hilary: Republic unlikely

10 December 2016

HISTORIAN SIR HILARY BECKLES has cast doubt on the seriousness of the Barbados Government to transition the country to a republic. As he launched his latest book Thursday night, the vice chancellor of the University of the West Indies, said the administration had... Read More


Mall makeover

10 December 2016

AN ICONIC half-century old symbol of commerce on Barbados’ upscale West Coast is about to close for a massive makeover. The new facility is expected to include a considerably expanded Massy Supermarket. The plan has left some small entrepreneurs and major business... Read More


Carolling at its best

10 December 2016

NOT EVEN THE late evening showers could wash away the love for Christmas that was evident on the faces of many Barbadians at Carolling in Parliament on Thursday night. The rain and voices of the accompanying choirs created the perfect concoction for a cosy kick-off... Read More


Lee’s idea to fix transport

10 December 2016

A SOLUTION to the Transport Board problem could be found well before Christmas. But for that to happen, interim chairman of the Association of Private Transport Operators (APTO), Morris Lee, believes Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley needs to be freed... Read More


555 given OK to come on board

10 December 2016

GOVERNMENT YESTERDAY CLEARED a major hurdle to establish 555 public sector posts that are now temporary. This came with the passage of a resolution in the House of Assembly of the Public Service (General) Order, 2016 which replaces the one of 2008. In bringing... Read More


Boyce going after owners

10 December 2016

MINISTER OF HEALTH John Boyce has vowed to move aggressively to recoup funds spent on clearing properties of delinquent owners. As he made a case for $3.15 million from the Consolidated Fund to finance Government’s debushing programme in the House of Assembly yesterday,... Read More


Minister highlights BFS’ achievments

09 December 2016

A HEIGHTENED INTEREST in firefighting by the public and the training of 10 auxiliary fire officers were among the successes achieved by the Barbados Fire Service (BFS) over the past year. Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, highlighted the department’s achievements... Read More


Royal Household Hospitality Scholarship open to Barbadians

09 December 2016

A BARBADOS EMPLOYED in the hospitality sector will have an opportunity to undergo training at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle next year. During his recent visit to the Caribbean, His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales announced that the Royal Household Hospitality... Read More


Christmas backpay

09 December 2016

IT’S NOT TOO late for workers at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) to receive a Christmas bonus. That’s the word from Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, who believes there is still a possibility the airport’s management and the National Union of Public... Read More


Pig farmers can’t get meat cut

09 December 2016

IT COULD BE a pork-less Christmas for some Barbadians if some pig farmers are not able to get their meat cut. For the past six months, both the saw and the dehairing machine at the Government-run market at Six Roads, St Philip, have been out of service and it is... Read More


Beach ‘shouldn’t have been’ closed

09 December 2016

WORTHING BEACH MIGHT be reopened, but Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy was never in agreement with it being closed in the first place. One week after the popular South Coast beach was closed by the Ministry of Health due to concerns about sewage leakage, authorities... Read More


Third straight day of bus delays

09 December 2016

THEY SAY GOOD things come to those wait, but try telling that to the hundreds of commuters stranded in the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal. For the third day straight, those at the terminal were forced to wait for hours in a bid to get a bus and get home. With only... Read More


Businesses worry sewage leak may return

09 December 2016

WHILE THE SEWAGE leak that affected the island’s South Coast might be out of sight, for some businesses the problem is definitely not out of mind. Scorching sunlight for the past week has helped to evaporate some of the water that had previously been overflowing... Read More


Not impressed with police response

09 December 2016

ALMOST A WEEK after she was robbed, Kelly Johnally remains angry. Angry at the act, angry at how young the perpetrators were and angry at what she thought was the flippant attitude of law enforcement. However, the one bright spot was the selfless act of a colleaugue,... Read More


Double blow for brother

09 December 2016

GABRIEL BISHOP LIVED in filth and died in it. Now he leaves his older brother Alfred Bishop as the sole surviving Bishop brother of Sion Hill, St James. Over the last two years Member of Parliament for St James North Edmund Hinkson had led calls for government... Read More


Students rewarded for hard work

09 December 2016

THE THEME “Ascending to Heights Unknown” was more than applicable when some of the achievements of the Grantley Adams Memorial School were highlighted during Wednesday’s speech day. And it proved to be an especially proud occasion for the pupils, who were joined... Read More


Client finally released on bail

09 December 2016

THE LIBERTY OF A PERSON who is granted bail should be paramount, a lawyer said yesterday, and he called on those involved to work together to speed up the process. Mohia Ma’at made the comments after his client, Ronald Alexander White, finally walked out of the Supreme... Read More


Car overturns in Kendal Hill

08 December 2016

A DRIVER WAS given a shock tonight after the car in which he or she was travelling flipped on its roof outside the Rubis service station in Kendal Hill, Christ Church. Police officers and ambulance personnel were spotted on the scene around 9 p.m. The Royal Barbados... Read More


Aziza receives gift from culture ministry

08 December 2016

THE MINISTRY OF Culture, Sports and Youth has invested in one of this country's promising young female calypsonians. During a presentation at his Ministry's headquarters in Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, Youth Affairs Minister, Stephen Lashley, presented Barbados' youngest... Read More


Security guard stabbed

08 December 2016

POLICE ARE CONDUCTING investigations into an incident which left a 26-year-old security guard with multiple stab wounds about his body. The incident occurred around 12:25 this afternoon at Hothersal, St John. Police say Mario Alain of Country Road, St Michael... Read More


Sealy: Nothing wrong with Worthing Beach

08 December 2016

"THERE IS NOTHING wrong with Worthing Beach.” These words of assurance came from Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, as he spoke to the media this morning after having a routine sea bath at the recently-closed South Coast beach. According... Read More




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