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Mavado, Vybz detained

10 November 2010

KINGSTON - Jamaica police were today questioning two of the island’s popular and controversial dancehall deejays after naming them as persons of interest in relation to a series of criminal activities. Read More


Cost of climate change rising

10 November 2010

EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS like flooding amount to an annual six per cent of Gross Domestic Product in some countries and could potentially rise by a further  one to three per cent by 2030 in a worst case scenario. Read More


Widow unsure

10 November 2010

Late Prime Minister David Thompson’s widow Mara says she has not decided whether she will try to replace him as the Member of Parliament for St John. Read More


Enough, Mia!

10 November 2010

MIA MOTTLEY’S strong-arm leadership style of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) prompted an e-letter against her to ensure the re-election of George Payne as party chairman. Read More


City mess

10 November 2010

TONNES of garbage were finally removed from the old Fairchild Street Market by the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) yesterday evening after THE NATION had drawn the unsanitary conditions to the attention of officials. Read More


'Too much' asked of Thompson

10 November 2010

THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR Party might have asked too much of late Prime Minister David Thompson at an early age. So said Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Owen Arthur as he delivered a tribute in the House of Assembly yesterday. Read More


OAS givesUS$125 000 in storm aid

10 November 2010

The Organisation of American States (OAS) yesterday made an official contribution of US$125 000 from the Inter-American Emergency Aid Fund (FONDEM) to five countries of the region Read More


Mara sits in on debate

10 November 2010

Mara Thompson, widow of former Prime Minister David Thompson, yesterday visited the House of Assembly to hear Members of Parliament pay tribute to him. Read More


No end to hardship in Haiti

10 November 2010

Going into any campsite in Port-au-Prince is like stepping back into time. None of the amenities which we take for granted are here, unless you consider an old refrigerator lying around for storage of dry food and other non-perishables a modern piece of equipment.... Read More


No charge in CIA videotapes case

10 November 2010

WASHINGTON - No one will be charged in the destruction of CIA videotapes of interrogations of suspected terrorists, a Justice Department official said Tuesday. Read More

Padmore: No respect for SSA

10 November 2010

TWENTY-TWO loads of garbage were removed from parts of Bridgetown over the past 48 hours and the majority was as a result of illegal dumping. Read More


Israelism, Palestinians not making 'extra effort'

10 November 2010

JAKARTA, Indonesia - President Barack Obama, visiting the world's most populous Muslim nation, expressed deep concern Tuesday that Israelis and Palestinians aren't making the 'extra effort' to secure a breakthrough for achieving Middle East peace. Read More


Pentagon missile probe

10 November 2010

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon Tuesday said it was trying to determine if a missile was launched Monday off the coast of Southern California and who might have launched it. Read More


Minister caught 'in the act'

10 November 2010

JAKARTA, Indonesia - A conservative Muslim government minister admits he shook hands with first lady Michelle Obama in welcoming her to Indonesia but says it wasn't his choice. Read More


Rihanna rocks

09 November 2010

Hola Rihanna! Read More


Stuart pays tribute

09 November 2010

From an early age, David Thompson was seen as a future Prime Minister of Barbados. Read More


Parade back at Garrison

09 November 2010

There will be no Independence Gala this year and the Independence Day parade will be back at the Garrison Savannah as Barbados celebrates its 44th anniversary of Independence. Read More


Senators sworn in

09 November 2010

The Barbados Labour Party's two new senators Kerrie Symmonds and Santia Bradshaw were sworn in this afternoon at Government House.. Read More


Supplies bound for St Lucia

09 November 2010

The cry for help from the people of St Lucia is being answered by Rotary and the Barbados Red Cross with the local fishing community providing solid support and ensuring six boats carrying 80 tonnes of food reach Castries early Wednesday morning. Read More


Road woes

09 November 2010

WITH MAJOR traffic blues already being experienced in The City, new cracks have emerged in Barbados’ road network, making life especially difficult for residents in St Joseph and St Andrew.  Read More


Dumped BLP senators upset

09 November 2010

THE HEALING PROCESS in the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) seems to have become a little more difficult following the announcement of two new senators by Opposition Leader Owen Arthur yesterday. Read More


Do you agree with the Barbados Licensing Authority’s decision to repeal the decision to require motorist to provide proof of address in order to renew their licenses or register new vehicles?