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Trinidad opposition plans to blank parliamentary investigation into British consulting firm

22 April 2018

PORT OF SPAIN – The main opposition United National Congress (UNC) says it will not participate in the parliamentary probe to determine whether or not the British based political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica (CA), had undertaken a project in Trinidad and Tobago... Read More


Kenya election officials quit, pressure on chairman to go

16 April 2018

NAIROBI – Three Kenyan election officials resigned on Monday, increasing chaos at the electoral Commission following last year’s botched presidential vote that had to be rerun and was then boycotted by the opposition. The resignations leave only two commissioners... Read More


Parliament to meet for first time since general election

09 April 2018

ST JOHN’S – Governor General, Rodney Williams, will deliver the traditional Thorne Speech, when the Antigua and Barbuda parliament meets for the first time since the March 21 general election. The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) headed by Prime Minister... Read More


Gaston Browne sworn in as PM after leading ABLP to 15-2 victory

22 March 2018

Gaston Browne was on Thursday sworn in as Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda for the second time, following his landslide victory in Wednesday’s general election. According to preliminary results, Browne’s Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) defeated the main... Read More


BLP using scare tactics says DLP candidate

22 March 2018

Pure scare tactics. That is what Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for the City of Bridgetown constituency Henderson Williams has accused the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of doing to generate buzz. He also said that if it were up to the BLP, Barbados would... Read More


Ruling ABLP headed for comfortable victory in Antigua

22 March 2018

The leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell was defeated in the general elections here on Wednesday as the party appears heading towards a massive overall defeat. Lovell, a former finance minister, who was leading the UPP into... Read More


Antigua and Barbuda heads to the polls

21 March 2018

Voters in Antigua and Barbuda cast their votes on Wednesday for a new government in a general election that Prime Minister Gaston Browne called more than a year ahead of the constitutional deadline. While there are seven political parties and five independents vying... Read More


Mitchell sworn in as Prime Minister of Grenada

16 March 2018

ST GEORGE’S – Dr Keith Claudius Mitchell took the oath of office for a fifth occasion on Friday as Grenada’s prime minister following the overwhelming victory of his New National Party (NNP) in the March 13 general elections. Mitchell, 71, as he had done following... Read More


Natalie enters political campaign

15 March 2018

Well-known sex worker Natalie Harewood is contesting this year’s general election. The self-proclaimed lady of the night is creating political history by being the first known sex-worker to do so. Harewood, 36, gained notoriety two years ago with her explicit... Read More


Call to to consider campaign financing measures following Grenada poll

14 March 2018

ST GEORGES - The head of the Electoral Experts Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) Nestor Mendez, today urged Grenada to seriously consider campaign financing as a means of ensuring “the equity of the democratic process” in future general elections... Read More


PM Browne promises to follow Mitchell with election whitewash

14 March 2018

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is seeking to follow the lead of his Grenada counterpart, Dr. Keith Mitchell, and lead his Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) of a whitewash of the opposition in the March 21 general election. In a congratulatory statement marking... Read More


St John folk have say on Mara's election decision

07 March 2018

“MARA THOMPSON should have dropped out ever since.” That was the sentiment from some St John constituents regarding the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) incumbent’s decision to back out of the next General Election. Read More


Rowe a winner, says Mia

25 February 2018

Neil Rowe will defy all odds and take down incumbent Chris Sinckler in the St Michael North West when the elections are called. This was the rallying cry from his mates in the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) at the launch of his constituency office in Deacons, St Michael,... Read More


Alleyne wants to rebuild community

25 February 2018

First-time Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St Michael East, Nicholas Alleyne, is on a campaign to win the seat and the hearts of the people during the upcoming General Election. On Saturday evening, he officially opened his constituency office at My Lord’s... Read More


PM: Don’t blame Auditor General

23 February 2018

Don’t simply blame the Auditor General for any misstatement about Government operations, unpaid debts and money the administration owes to individuals and firms, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. Instead, much of the blame can be placed at the doors of senior... Read More


Antigua PM hints at early general election

22 February 2018

ST JOHN'S — Prime Minister of Antigua, Gaston Browne on Thursday gave his broadest hint to date, that a general election will be held early this year. “I hear a number of individuals on the radio proclaiming to understand my behaviour and based on my behaviour they... Read More


Bees have no plan, says Sinckler

19 February 2018

A pig in a poke is what Minister of Finance Chis Sinckler says the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is selling to the Barbadian public. Speaking at a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) meeting at Deighton Griffith School on Sunday night, he maintained that while... Read More


Maria Agard now a UPP member

14 February 2018

Member of Parliament for Christ Church West Dr Maria Agard has announced that she is now a member of the United Progressive Party. The former Barbados Labour Party member was escorted into the House of Assembly this morning by UPP colleagues, led by leader Lynette... Read More


Another party enters the fray

07 February 2018

A new political party is making the late push to contest the 2018 General Election under an old name. The Progressive Conservative Party (PCP) of Barbados publicly made its entry into the election with a small advertisement for serious candidates in the last SUNDAY... Read More


Estimates laid in Parliament

06 February 2018

Government’s Budget, setting out the Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue for the financial year 2018-2019, was today laid in Parliament, together with a projected forecast for the current financial year 2017-2018, and the Barbados Sustainable Recovery Programme (BSRP).... Read More


PREVIOUSLY IN POLITICS: Sandi warns about bribery

10 January 2018

January 10, 1999 FORMER Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford has hinted that politicians might be bribing voters with money. The Democratic Labour Party's St. Michael South candidate said while he had no empirical evidence of this, he expressed the hope that "money... Read More




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