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DLP COLUMN - Giving the ultimate sacrifice

24 December 2010

The Democratic Labour Party extends seasons greeting to all. This season culminates against a heavy year of sacrificing by our people. Read More

THE PEP COLUMN - Christmas, Comissiong and the children

24 December 2010

This Christmas column is dedicated to the memory of the late Reverend Vivian Comissiong, a veteran minister of the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas, and a great son of our Caribbean civilisation. Read More

BLP COLUMN - Christmas love and charity

24 December 2010

BarbadianS, like millions of people the world over, have come to associate this time of year with the most humane and humanitarian expressions of charity and neighbourliness than at any other period on the national calendar. Read More


Poll date near

19 December 2010

NO HINTS, just keep your ears clear for a few more days. Read More


Congrats comrade Ralph

19 December 2010

Although I have consistently argued differently, several political pundits argued that Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who is better known as "Comrade Ralph", would not have been successful in his bid to win a third term. Read More


ULP celebrates Gonsalves' election win

14 December 2010

The ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves won an historic third consecutive term in office fighting off a strong battle from the main opposition New Democratic Labour Party (NDP) in yesterday’s general election. Read More


Possible 12 for St John seat

13 December 2010

FIVE PEOPLE have so far declared an interest in contesting the St John by-election for the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP), but reports suggest as many as 12 could be interested. Read More


St Vincent off to the polls

13 December 2010

VINCENTIANS go to the polls today to elect a new government. Read More

Bedroom politics

12 December 2010

Several months ago, one blogger reminded us of the immortal words of Pierre Trudeau in 1967 as he introduced legislation in Canada that addressed issues like abortion, Read More

BLP names St John candidate

04 December 2010

The Barbados Labour Party tonight named Hudson Griffith as its candidate for St. John. Read More


Gonsalves: No joint conference

01 December 2010

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has rejected a call by the leader of the main opposition National Democratic Party (NDP), Arnhim Eustace, to hold a joint press conference calling for peace amidst reports of election violence. Read More


Violence erupts in Haiti after election

29 November 2010

Thousands of persons took to the streets here yesterday, burning down voting bureaus and supporting calls from 12 presidential elections that the presidential and legislative council polls be declared null and void. Read More

CARICOM Secretary-General accused of delving into politics

29 November 2010

Former prime minister Sir James Mitchell has accused Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary General Sir Edwin Carrington of getting involved in the politics of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Read More


Dems welcome new members

29 November 2010

THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) last Friday night officially welcomed scores of new members to its ranks at a special induction ceremony at its George Street, Belleville, St Michael headquarters. Read More


No surprises from Sinckler

28 November 2010

There was very little about this most recent Budget presented by Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler that was surprising, as one reflects on the enormity of the circumstances and local and political context within which it took place. Read More


Byer-Suckoo calls for new work ethic

25 November 2010

BARBADIANS must change their work ethic to become more productive. Read More


Councils plans moving along

25 November 2010

Constituency Councils are here to stay. Read More


Mia: Healing with mutual respect

24 November 2010

Barbadians are becoming more apparent with the political tribalism that exist. Most Bajans don’t care about B, D, G, or F and that is the reality of the existence out there. Read More


Barbados 'back in business'

23 November 2010

The just-delivered national budget should send a message to the international community, investors and credit rating agencies that Barbados is "back in business". Read More


Budgetary Proposals at a glance

23 November 2010

   Increase in VAT from 15 per cent to 17.5 per cent for 18 months, expected to yield $124 million over a fiscal period; Read More


2010 Budget Pt 1

22 November 2010

Mr. Speaker, It with a sense of great humility that I accept the honour to present the on behalf of this Democratic Labour Party Government. I do so Sir, chastened by the enormity of the circumstances, challenged by the task that confronts me, but comforted by my... Read More


Do you think that the new Constitution River Terminal for public service vehicles will help curb some of the indiscipline often complained about in the sector?

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