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Budgetary Proposals at a glance

23 November 2010

   Increase in VAT from 15 per cent to 17.5 per cent for 18 months, expected to yield $124 million over a fiscal period; Read More


2010 Budget Pt 1

22 November 2010

Mr. Speaker, It with a sense of great humility that I accept the honour to present the on behalf of this Democratic Labour Party Government. I do so Sir, chastened by the enormity of the circumstances, challenged by the task that confronts me, but comforted by my... Read More


2010 Budget Pt 2

22 November 2010

The following is Part Two of the unedited text of the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals for the year 2010. Read More


2010 Budget Part 3

22 November 2010

The following is Part Three of the unedited text of the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals for the year 2010.  Read More


PURELY POLITICAL: Will Sinckler follow David's course?

21 November 2010

WILL NEW MINISTER OF FINANCE Chris Sinckler's maiden Budget be a continuation of the thrust of the late Prime Minister and Minister of Finance David Thompson, or will he seek to chart a brand new course? Read More


The purse of the nation

21 November 2010

Tomorrow is Budget day in Barbados, and a few observations on the process may be of some interest. Read More

How draconian will be Budget?

21 November 2010

THIS WEEK, as new Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler delivers his first ever Budget, we are going to hear many percentages of gross domestic product (GDP) being quoted, while the actual amounts of revenue and expenditure may well get lost in the crosstalk. Read More


Budget should set new course

21 November 2010

Some weeks ago on the occasion of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s swearing in, he reminded reporters of the need for all ministers to be sworn in "afresh" since they would now become members of his Cabinet. Read More


Inniss warns of low BLP politics

18 November 2010

MINISTER OF HEALTH DONVILLE INNISS has urged Barbadians to pay keen attention to the low level of politics to which some members of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party [BLP] are willing to descend. Read More


Walrond after St John seat

18 November 2010

He has taken the oath of Justice of Peace. Now he is interested in taking another oath, this time as Member of Parliament for the constituency of St John. Read More

DLP Govt at standstill

18 November 2010

OPPOSITION LEADER OWEN ARTHUR recently painted a picture of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government as one mired in inertia. Read More

Monday is Budget Day

16 November 2010

Next Monday is Budget Day in Barbados. Read More


Owen: Man with a plan

15 November 2010

It is ironic that our new Leader of the Opposition has placed his stamp before our new Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has taken the opportunity to "personalise" his new government Read More

Owen still has a lot in the tank

15 November 2010

FORMER Grenadian Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell thinks that in the absence of David Thompson, the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) could be hard-pressed to find someone to challenge a rejuvenated Owen Arthur. Read More


DLP 'mired in inertia'

14 November 2010

OPPOSITION LEADER OWEN ARTHUR says Government now found itself in a position where it could not implement any of the main economic proposals in its Manifesto, Medium Term Fiscal Strategy or 2008 Budget. Read More


Owen: Mia, we need you

14 November 2010

OPPOSITION LEADER OWEN ARTHUR today told the woman he and four of his parliamentary colleagues ousted from the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party [BLP] that the country and the party needed her. Read More


A note of privilege

14 November 2010

In our Parliament this past week, tributes were paid in the usual manner to the late Prime Minister the Honourable David John Howard Thompson and, according to Press reports, some of the remarks of the Right Honourable Owen Arthur, a former Prime Minister and the... Read More


By-election on the cards for St John

12 November 2010

Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands now has in his hands the address requesting the writ for a by-election to be called in St John. Read More


Widow unsure

10 November 2010

Late Prime Minister David Thompson’s widow Mara says she has not decided whether she will try to replace him as the Member of Parliament for St John. Read More


Enough, Mia!

10 November 2010

MIA MOTTLEY’S strong-arm leadership style of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) prompted an e-letter against her to ensure the re-election of George Payne as party chairman. Read More


'Too much' asked of Thompson

10 November 2010

THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR Party might have asked too much of late Prime Minister David Thompson at an early age. So said Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Owen Arthur as he delivered a tribute in the House of Assembly yesterday. Read More




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