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'Decent work' bill soon ready for House

07 January 2011

AN EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS BILL that addresses the concept of "decent work" should soon be ready. Read More


52 years of 'neglect' to explain

07 January 2011

BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY (BLP) HOPEFUL Hudson Griffith believes the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has a lot of explaining to do to the people of St John. Read More


'Twas David's wish

07 January 2011

DAVID THOMPSON’S DYING WISH was that his wife Mara represent the people of St John in the event that he could no longer do so. Read More


Full support

06 January 2011

LEADERS of Barbados’ two major political parties came out in full support of their candidates who are slated to take to the platform tonight in the St John by-election campaign following the death of its representative, former Prime Minister David Thompson. Read More


All plans are in place

06 January 2011

THE FLYERS AND POSTERS were out, the T-shirts on display, and strategies were being held close to the bosom. Read More


Kellman's first day on the job

06 January 2011

OUTSPOKEN parliamentarian Denis Kellman took up his acting appointment as Minister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage yesterday and promptly revealed his preference for tackling environmental problems the old-time way. Read More


Parties ready

05 January 2011

YESTERDAY was Deposit Day, today is Nomination Day and tomorrow is Campaign Day. Read More


Kellman's moment in time

05 January 2011

DENIS KELLMAN, Member of Parliament for St Lucy, was finally placed on the front bench of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government, having taken the oath of office as Minister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage to fill in for his ailing colleague... Read More


Mara it is

03 January 2011

THE King is dead, give us the queen! Read More


Mara's in

02 January 2011

MARA THOMPSON, widow of late Prime Minister David Thompson, has confirmed that she is ready to contest the St John by-election on a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) ticket. Read More


Bees not daunted

02 January 2011

THOUGH MANY ARE CALLING it Mission Impossible, Barbados Labour Party (BLP) chairman George Payne yesterday told party colleague Hudson Griffith that he could win the St John seat in the January 20 by-election. Read More


St John in perspective

02 January 2011

The date for the by-election in St John has finally been announced and by this evening the candidate for the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) should be known. Attention must therefore now turn to the likely outcome of the election and the ways in which this might... Read More


January 20 by-election

30 December 2010

WITH THE ST JOHN by-election set for Thursday, January 20, the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is yet to officially name its candidate for the eastern riding. Read More


Calling for Mara

30 December 2010

HOURS AFTER the writ was issued announcing the St John by-election on January 20, many people in St John were still calling  for Mara Thompson, the wife of late Prime Minister David Thompson to represent them. Read More


Crime plan

27 December 2010

One of three political parties expected to contest general elections in St Lucia, widely expected in 2011, has described a plan to deal with rising crime outlined by the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) as unsatisfactory and short of any substantive or innovation... Read More


St John call

27 December 2010

THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY’S (DLP’s) candidate for the St John constituency should be known by early next week. Read More


Anthony questions CCJ position

25 December 2010

Former St Lucia prime minister Dr. Kenny Anthony says he is baffled at the position outlined by Jamaica after Prime Minister Bruce Golding hinted at the possibility of not having the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its final court . Read More

DLP COLUMN - Giving the ultimate sacrifice

24 December 2010

The Democratic Labour Party extends seasons greeting to all. This season culminates against a heavy year of sacrificing by our people. Read More

THE PEP COLUMN - Christmas, Comissiong and the children

24 December 2010

This Christmas column is dedicated to the memory of the late Reverend Vivian Comissiong, a veteran minister of the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas, and a great son of our Caribbean civilisation. Read More

BLP COLUMN - Christmas love and charity

24 December 2010

BarbadianS, like millions of people the world over, have come to associate this time of year with the most humane and humanitarian expressions of charity and neighbourliness than at any other period on the national calendar. Read More


Poll date near

19 December 2010

NO HINTS, just keep your ears clear for a few more days. Read More


The public service vehicle community is upset over new uniforms provided by the Transport Authority. Do you think the new uniforms are a good idea?