TALKBACK: Gun crime and economic woes still a concern

27 October 2014

GUN CRIME and the economy were two ​of the many issues which concerned Barbadians last week. Read More


LOOKA LEW: Mosquitoes dread

24 October 2014

Chickengotyuh or chikUngunya, I don’t care what it name, I would prefer to slide down the edge of a 40ft razor blade naked as I born and pull brakes with my gonads, before I catch that disease. Read More


TALK BACK: Illegal Bajans, tour pullout the talking points

20 October 2014

Besides ongoing concerns about Ebola and chikungunya, there were two issues which stimulated much discussion among online readers last week. Read More


RON IN COMMON: Unite to fight Ebola

19 October 2014

The news is raging about chikungunya, mosquitoes and unsightly garbage pile ups all over the place.  Read More


LOOKA LEW: Mourning fuh Days

17 October 2014

The funeral service is announced of the late Days of Our Lives, better known as Days or Daysie, late of The Pine, St Michael; wife of Nuff Gossip, mother of Burn Food and Licks, sister of Dr Horton, grandmother of Stefano, great-grandmother of Doug and Julie, retired... Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Reading with a pinch of salt

15 October 2014

It’s Sunday morning and I am sitting at Gatwick Airport waiting for my onward flight to Amsterdam. Read More


TALKBACK: Sympathy for Ursuline parents, but …

13 October 2014

AS PART OF efforts to prepare for any suspected cases of Ebola in Barbados, health officials have identified the Enmore Clinic in Collymore Rock, St Michael, as the site for an isolation centre. Read More


LOOKA LEW: Minibus men fuh real?

03 October 2014

Anybody see the postman lately? I here waiting on him, cause as soon as I get this income tax money, the first thing I gine and do is get my glasses change, cause I does be reading things and them does don’t look right to me at all. Read More



02 October 2014

New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley recently wrote a review on Shonda Rhimes’ new crime drama How to Get Away with Murder, which has drawn the ire of both Rhimes and black women. Read More


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Can't follow Boyce all the way

01 October 2014

I like Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce. Read More




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