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HC make light work of CAPE

HC make light work of CAPE Best friends: Liam Rice (left) and Stephan Edey were also outstanding.

By Carol-Ann Tudor | Mon, August 16, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Harrison College students have done their school proud by reportedly collecting eight scholarships and 11 exhibitions in this year’s CAPE Examinations.

The DAILY NATION understands that the results were released to schools on Friday, but up to press time was unable to ascertain from the Ministry of Education how the four sixth-form schools – Harrison College, Queen’s College, The Lodge and Combermere – and Barbados Community College performed this year.

However, based on their results, among those at HC expected to receive honours are headgirl Kristyn Kirton, headboy Stephan Edey, Akona Brathwaite, Liam Rice and Kiran Niyar.


Kirton, who wrote mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as communications and Caribbean studies which were compulsory, received eight Grade 1s.

Come September, she will be heading to the Cave Hill Campus where she will be studying medicine.

A relieved Kirton said although the exams were not stressful, there were many people she did not want to disappoint.

“I really have to thank God first of all, and then my family. My mother, my grandmother, my cousin Blair, my brother Kerry and all my aunts rallied behind me continuously,” she stated.

But she is not the only scholarship winner in her family. Her brother Kerry also won a scholarship in 2006 and just graduated with honours in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto.

Her mother Magna said she was extremely proud of both children, who always put 100 per cent into everything they did. Kristyn is also the daughter of Charles Kirton.

Stephan Edey and best friend Liam Rice are also expected to be on the list of outstanding performers.

Edey, the son of Marine Hall-Edey and Carl Edey, said it was an amazing feeling to be recognised after the hard work.

“I’m really very happy to have pulled it off, and my parents, family and friends were always pushing me and telling me I could do it. So I just kept going for it and I asked God to give me the capacity, so I am happy it all came off in the end,” he said.

Edey said this year’s preparation was more difficult than last year’s, being the headboy and part of the graduation committee and having to budget his time properly.

He took biology, chemistry and pure mathematics, received eight Grade 1s and will study medicine at Kings College in London, England.

Rice, of Rendezvous, Christ Church, is the son of Lynette Rice. The expected winner of an exhibition was also, in 2003, the top student at Luther Thorne Primary.

“I am elated, but I couldn’t have done it without God, my friends and family. My teachers were all excellent, and they gave me the perseverance to continue when it seemed hard.”

Rice said at times it was difficult, especially during SBAs. He studied French, Spanish and sociology, and got seven Grade 1s and a Grade 2 in sociology.

“I think I’m going to be reviewing the sociology because I’m pretty sure that should have been a one, but I’m grateful,” he noted.

He will be heading to Warwick in England to do law with French law.

Brathwaite is also expected to receive a scholarship.

Sitting at his Haggatt Hall home with his mum Shirley-Ann and dad Anthony, the 18-year-old said he was excited. In fact, he remembered only having a small scare last year when his mind went blank during his physics exam.

“It feels really good because it has now enabled me to follow my dreams and study neuro- science,” he said.

Brathwaite, who studied biology, chemistry and physics, will be heading to the University of Bristol in England with his eight Grade 1s. He was also the top boy at Charles F. Broomes Primary in 2003.

Akono’s parents said they were not surprised  because he was consistent.

Kiran Niyar, who is overseas on vacation, is expected to receive an exhibition.

The son of Soni Kessuram told the DAILY NATION via email that he was “extremely honoured”.

He sat accounts, mathematics and Spanish, and will be heading to the Cave Hill Campus to major in banking and finance.

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Posted by well done 4 years, 2 months ago
Congratulations to all students who gave it their best and were able to receive good results. To the ones who did not succeed this time I wish you all the best next time around.

It is tough to see one set of teenagers this weekend in serious deadly trouble and another set doing well.

Stop cramming so many people into one small space! This is the common thread in most of this weekend's violence.

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Posted by Sarah Layne 4 years, 2 months ago
How can you write an article when you simply "suspect" that these students have won a scholarship or an exhibition.. supposing they don't?!!?! are you people mad????

  • 0
Posted by BajanConnection 4 years, 2 months ago
Yet another example of awful 'reporting'..... without official reports/statements from the examining body responsible for the results, this is just gossip. 'He said, she said'.... so embarrassing for a Bajan like me...

And on top of that, poor subject and verb agreement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the titleee!!!!!!!!!!!

gosh man.

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Posted by Skelly 4 years, 2 months ago
Congratulations to all the students...... Continue to put God first in your life and He will always be there for you. To those who did not receive scholarships or exibitions you are winners as well....let Christ be the center and focus of your lives.

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Posted by concern barbadian 4 years, 2 months ago
this is ridiculous. results was released on Friday and up to now the ministry cannot released the scholarship and exhibition winners

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Posted by E. Bourne 4 years, 2 months ago
Doesn't this writer know that people, other than those living in Barbados, also read this paper??
What does CAPE mean. Doesn't she know that she should explain the acronyms. We are no longer in a local society. THIS IS A GLOBAL SOCIETY!!

  • 0
Posted by Eileen 4 years, 2 months ago
Forgive me because I hardly went to school. Can some one please explain to me what is so wrong with the construction of the title of this article.

  • 0
Posted by Kolijean 4 years, 2 months ago
Harrison College is singular so it should have been HC makes light work.... and not make.

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Posted by I.a. Das Neves 4 years, 2 months ago
Much love and blessings to all and for sharing this story. We can also see how the support of payers, peers, parents, teachers, tutors and governance formulate excellence. Congratulations to all of the students that have prayed and worked hard as well and did not win a scholarship, but have won completion of their secondary education and the opportunities for future accolades in life.

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Posted by Mrs. H 4 years, 2 months ago
To those who are bashing this article and the writer, it is a headline; headlines are allowed to be catchy, simple, and easy to understand.
Take a look at previous headlines and you will notice the trend. Sometimes, headlines are not even complete sentences but mainly phrases. It is the duty of the headline to be attention grabbing and this one certainly is.
With regards to the he said/she said nature of the article that the writer was berated for, the official results were not yet released and like any other news organization, it is the responsibility of the Nation Newspaper to report on breaking stories. They spoke directly to the students. They DID mention the fact that the results were not yet made official up to press time.
Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, but berating the writer is on a totally different level.

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