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Dian Harewood (left), one of the two survivors of the crash, being comforted by her mother Sheryl Harewood. Dian is now Sheryl’s only child. She lost Sherese in the accident Sunday and a son, Marlo, in an accident in 1997. (Pictures by Ricardo Leacock.) Sherese Alleyne Nikira Harewood Little Keon Alleyne was killed in the accident. Anderson Gibbons was the driver of the car. He is still in hospital.

By Carlos Atwell | Thu, December 27, 2012 - 3:04 PM

FOR SHERYL HAREWOOD of 5th Avenue, Durants Village, St James, Christmas 2012 will  be unforgettable for its shock and sadness.

Yesterday, Boxing Day, she was mourning  the deaths of a daughter,  a granddaughter and  a 15-month-old grandson.

Harewood told the DAILY NATION she was in a daze, having lost her youngest daughter Sherese Alleyne, 20; granddaughter Nikira Harewood, 17; and beloved  grandson Keon (Sherese’s son) on Sunday when  the car in which they  were travelling was involved in a collision  with a minibus on Gibbes Road, St Peter.

It was the second time in 15 years that tragedy distressed her. In 1997  her son Marlo – father  of Nikira – died  in a traffic accident.

Harewood said she could barely remember what she was doing; it was as if she was in auto pilot mode, keeping busy so as not to face the reality that only one of her three children was now alive.

“Marlo died in an accident in 1997, so my grandson was very special to me. All my children were very special; my girls were loving but my grandson was extra special. I [raised] him;
it really hurts,” she said.

Harewood said she was alerted about the accident by a frantic Dian, her eldest daughter who survived the crash.

She was thrown from the car and was able to contact her mother by cellphone.
Harewood said she collapsed on the way to the scene and had to be taken to a doctor instead. Her only consolation is that Dian, 25, is at home where she can keep
an eye on her.

Also surviving the crash was Dian’s boyfriend Anderson “Pie” Gibbons, 33, driver of the car. He is still recovering at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Speaking from the family home yesterday, Dian said it was hard to put her feelings into words.

“I thank God I’m still alive, but I miss my sister; my niece and my nephew; they will always be in my heart,” she said, adding she was also worried about “Pie”.
“I’m praying every day he comes through.

I’m crying every day and I have not slept properly since the accident,” she admitted.

Harewood said she would not have been able to make it without her family, co-workers of the Tamarind Cove Hotel, and friends in the community who have been there to comfort her.
Sherese was an attendant at Rubis petrol station in Holetown, St James, and Nikira, was a former St James Secondary School student.

“They left to go shopping that day,” Harewood said. Nikira’s  plan was to bake a cake for Christmas. Everybody was looking forward to that. It was such a joy to see my two grandchildren playing together. I’m so sad.”

Please read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by Ione Mitchell 1 year, 9 months ago
Condolences to the Harewoods and my prayers for Mr Gibbons.

  • 4
Posted by Cheese On 1 year, 9 months ago
OMG words cannot express your loss. My Condolences.

  • 1
Posted by Mary Yearwood 1 year, 9 months ago
What can a person say to someone like Ms. Sheryl Harewood, who has endured more tragic losses in her young life than anyone can ever imagine? I would hope that some good people (Church Leader, Counselor) would step up to the plate and help her psychologically to cope with her situation...and I don't mean a one-time thing. She should have support for an extended period of time.
To you Funeral Directors out there, please consider giving Ms. Harewood the help she needs, ON A COMPLIMENTARY BASIS, and in the spirit of the Christmas Season and of your conscience, where we should display 'Goodwill To All People'.
I hope that Ms. Harewood's friends will surround her and give her the loving support and help she needs. If someone would be kind enough to open up an account in Ms. Harewood's name at one of the banks in Barbados, I'm sure that all of us who would like to help in some little way would contribute, so that she can manage her affairs for the burial of her loved ones. She will need all the financial help she can get right now. Please keep us informed of how we can help, and may God Bless Ms. Harewood and her only surviving daughter, Dian.

  • 6
Posted by Linda Smith 1 year, 9 months ago
This is a hard blow for anyone to face, even more when such tragedy has been faced already. I wish God's blessings and peace of mind on Ms Harewood and her family during this difficult time, and well into 2013 and beyond.

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