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Be safe on the roads

Be safe on the roads Angela Bascombe and Deborah Williams this morning with MP Chris Sinckler and BRSA representatives. (Maria Bradshaw)

Sat, December 17, 2011 - 2:17 PM

TWO MOTHERS, still grieving for their sons who died tragically together on Mother’s Day in a road accident, today joined the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) in appealing to motorcyclists to ride safely on the roads.

THE BRSA erected a road safety sign on the spot at  Deacons Farm, St Michael, where best friends Jamal Johnson, 20, and Anderson “Andy” Williams, 21, lost their lives when the motorcycle they were riding slammed into a tree on May 9.

Grieving mothers, Angela Bascombe and Deborah Williams, as well as family members and friends, some wearing T-shirts and or badges with the photos of the two men, gathered at the spot and watched as Sharmane Roland-Bowen Head of the BRSA, planted the white sign with the words “Please Drive Safely”.

Constituency representative for the area, Chris Sinckler, was also in attendance.

Pointing out that road fatalities were on the increase and that many cyclists had lost their lives between last year and this year, Roland-Bowen, told the gathering that the accident involving the two deceased should be a grim reminder to all.

She called on motorcyclists in particular not to engage in stunts while riding their cycles.

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