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Cuba a ‘true friend’ to Barbados

Cuba a ‘true friend’ to Barbados Second vice president of Cuba, Esteban Lazo and Cuba’s ambassador Lisette Perez Perez laying wreaths at the Cubana monument. (Kenmore Bynoe)

Fri, November 05, 2010 - 12:01 AM

BARBADIANS CAN ALWAYS count on Cuba’s solidarity and friendship, says second vice president of Cuba, Esteban Lazo.

Lazo was speaking to members of the Cuban community in Barbados, including Cuba’s ambassador to Barbados Lisette Perez Perez, at the Paynes Bay, St James Cubana monument, which he visited after he attended the funeral service of the late Prime Minister of Barbados David Thompson on Wednesday.

The vice president said he was appointed by his country’s president Raul Castro to attend the funeral service from the time it was publicised that Thompson was ailing in July. On behalf of his country he expressed condolences to the Government of Barbados, the people and the family of the late prime minister.

He noted that Barbados was one of the few Caribbean nations to establish diplomatic relationship with his country.

“On behalf of our delegation we thank you for accepting to meet us in such a profound sorrow for the loss of one of the most beloved sons of this Caribbean nation, in this historical place which brings us memories that unite us in the in the struggle,”

“On October 6 1976, a date in which one of the most horrendous crimes in history occurred, a Cubana De Aviacion aircraft was blown a part in the air, a terrorist act of huge dimension, in which 73 innocent passengers lost their lives . . . .,” said the vice president. (AH)

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