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Ex-cop: Amend law

Ex-cop: Amend law Attorney at law George Bennett was the arresting officer in the Raul Garcia case. (Picture by Basil Griffith.)

By Antoinette Connell | Fri, September 14, 2012 - 12:09 AM

The arresting officer in Raul Garcia’s case is suggesting that the Government amend the law to give the ex-convict limited immigrant status.

George Bennett, a former police inspector and now a defence attorney, said Garcia had done his time and Barbados could not keep him under the present conditions forever.

“The Immigration Act restricts Government from doing anything other than what it is doing now unless it amends the section to allow the minister to exempt drug offenders. As it is, this is in the control of the Chief Immigration Officer. Government would have to amend the law to allow the minister to give limited immigration status to Garcia based on the special conditions,” he said.

Bennett, who spent 24 years in the Royal Barbados Police Force before becoming an attorney at law eight years ago, explained that Garcia’s case was a special one because although he was to be deported, his country of birth, Cuba, was not willing to accept him and neither was the United States, where he once lived.

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Posted by c holder 2 years, 1 month ago
That may be expedient. It is also illogical and immoral.
The laws and taxpayers of Barbados should not be subjugate to the whims of another country concerning one of its own.
The Barbadian authorities have the right to deport this man to his country and it's time they did it.

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years, 1 month ago
What else can you do?
at least make him work and pay taxes now?
how much of our taxes have we spent now on this man???????????????

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Posted by Shirley McCollin 2 years, 1 month ago
Amend the law, are you on drugs! Cuba nor the USA wants this individual and I wonder why? Do you you thiink it has something to do with what he try to do in our beautiful island pollute it with his drugs. After doing his time in both of these countries that do not want him, given he was not a citizen they would ship him out. Not reward him with the keys to their country (amend the law). Be disgusted that we have to keep that can of garbage at who's expense? Amend the law that the country of your birth has to take you back!


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Posted by Tony Waterman 2 years, 1 month ago
WE amended the law to get a new Chief Justice. we amended the law to allow Rich People to become citizens, now we being asked to Amend the Law to allow DRUG DEALERS/CONVICTS to become citizens, what next are we going to amend the Law to allow the Medellín Cartel to hold up safely in Barbados?? EDUCATION is definitely COMMON SENSE

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Posted by Carl Harper 2 years, 1 month ago
Relax Tony, at the slow and deliberate speed which the Prime Minister decides on anything, this matter will have to be dealt with by the Owen Arthur Administration next year, just like the Alexandra school resolution.

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years, 1 month ago
Lets not go overboard!!! All that is required is permanent residency at best. If he goes to another country in as such and breaks their laws then we can do the exact same as the big countries and revoke his permanent residency status in Barbados (just like the United States.) The United States doesn't grant Cubans who make it to American soil "Citizenship." They grant them a form of permanent residency. Don't make this more difficult than it has to. There's other aspects of the Immigration Act that need modernising already as it is. and until that is looked at from beginning to-end we should not seek to add a whole lot of provisions that can tangle-up the law overall and possibly interject conflicting amendments to it rendering it broken. A form of permanent residency, yes. But Citizenship??? No! Besides, "citizenship" status would set a dangerous precedent of allowing persons with criminal records to be accorded opportunities of still gaining Barbadian citizenship. This would be contrary to the current whereby I believe people need to submit a Writ of Good Character from their local law enforcement agency as it is. So lets not throw out commonsense aspects of our laws to pander to the criminal element. All he needs is perm. res. If the U.N. isn't happy with that, then they're asking for too much.

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years, 1 month ago
UN might come down and kick all wunna asses.
how much debt to world bank barbados got now?
might just take the island and wunna couldn't do nufing about it.

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years, 1 month ago
Cheese on bread. This isn't easy. Perm. Residency has conditions stating someone must reside in Barbados for minimum span of time. CAP. 190, Part II, Section 3. says time served in prison or hospital cannot count towards that required time. I do like Part II, Section 7. It is perfect, and it gives Barbados grounds for revoking said status if he commits more crimes outside of Barbados or if Garcia lives outside of Barbados for a span of time.

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years, 1 month ago
For anybody else wanting to see the Immigration act themselves google "CAP 190 Barbados" and also "Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2006"

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years, 1 month ago
@Harry. As per the Constitution if the entire Barbados government becomes incapacitated, authority reverts to Queen Elizabeth II as a last resort. Therefore, the "UN" would have to topple the entire British military too because the U.K. isn't going to let anybody near her. That is how the Queen provides stability for Barbados because it is a suicide mission to think any rogue states are going to topple the Queen just to win-off Barbados.

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