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More pickings from LIME

More pickings from LIME Cedric Murrell (FP)

Sat, September 22, 2012 - 12:09 AM

LIME could leave a sweet taste in the mouths of its employees after all.

That’s because the telecommunications giant will eventually increase its employment of Barbadians, and not the other way around.

This was revealed yesterday by Cedric Murrell, president of the Coalition of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB).

At a Press conference hours after LIME officials had met with the Social Partnership and presented a proposal to its sub-committee, which is chaired by the Ministry of Labour, Murrell said that based on what was delivered yesterday, employment levels at the company would eventually rise. (BA)

Please read the full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN, or in the eNATION edition.

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years ago
good for phone has not been working for a week.barbados is barbados.useless .

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Posted by J. Payne 2 years ago
The time for needing a Landline is has already passed for me.... Mobile all the way..... Anybody who decides to stay with the incumbent will have to take what they get...

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Posted by Orange Peel 2 years ago
What does "more pickings" mean? If it means more jobs how is it that one one hand they are rumours of more staff being sent home but on the other there is talk about more jobs for barbadians. Does it means that yes staff will be going home but then other staff will be employed who will be paid "pickings" like they did recently?

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years ago
Have to have land line for internet.i am not a millionaire.did you not realize you have to have a land line for normal people at lime.or are you just a rich pampered person that lives in dream world barbados rich style???????????huhhh

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years ago
Incumbent you must be a foreigner,go home!

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years ago
What is j Payne talking about? some of us poor people don't have the money to go mobile all the way.
did not even know it was possible in barbados.
hope you get good reception for your internet.

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Posted by harry callahan 2 years ago
Llime is the most backward company that is like living in the dark ages compared to Canada.
poor service for high prices.lime is.

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