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No need to rely on confession

Regional Security System coordinator Grantley Watson (left) and Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin, reiterated the importance  of securing and protecting a crime scene during the Crime Scene First Responder course at Paragon, Christ Church. (Picture by Sharon Harding.)

Fri, January 18, 2013 - 12:08 AM

STRESSING the need to avoid over reliance on confessions to solve crime, Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin, has urged lawmen to remember the importance of science, technology and the collection of evidence.

Speaking at a “Crime Scene First Responder” course conducted by the Regional Security System (RSS) at Paragon base in Christ Church yesterday evening, Dottin reminded the 28 participants that any case based solely on admissions, could collapse easily.

He said that confessions could feed public perception of unethical behaviour by police officers, adding that he was pleased that the time was coming soon for the electronic recording of interviews with suspects, that would engender the trust the country seeks.

Dottin, this island’s top cop since September 2003, said the four day stint which was sponsored by the Canadian Government, was more than just a training course but was a chance to improve regional capacity.

The Commissioner said courses like those were important in the fight against crime and disorder which he said stunts economic development and erodes the quality of life. (MK)

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Posted by Tony Waterman 1 year, 9 months ago
I don't see anything wrong with an accused giving the Police a Confession, as long as it was of the accused's own free will (Not Beaten out of him) and as long as there is a facility and an officer of the COURT AVAILABLE to VideoTape and Record (Voice) the accused's Confession, it is very UNFORTUNATE that these Facilities organised the PROPER way are not Available in a COUNTRY like Barbados which alway like to claim that they are Leading the Way or using STATE OF THE ART Technology, theis type of Facility is already being used in ST.Kitts Nevis, and i amd sure in other Locales in the Caribbean, so why are we the LEADERS so far behind on this one??Come on MR. Commish Lets see a few of these Facilities set up PROPERLY and RUNNING ASAP

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Posted by Pan Wallie 1 year, 9 months ago
The dependance on confessions (and eye witness accounts) has always presented challenges. It seems awkward that some would even admit to crimes they did not commit, but there are reasons why this can happen like protection of the real perpetrator, mental illness or even the unbelievable quest to be imprisoned (for whatever reason). ( We also know of the misinformation of some eye witness accounts that can fuel who is arrested and charged). It is past time to modernise. Have the electronic tape recording system up and going. We have been hearing that it is 'coming on stream' for almost a decade now (OR MORE). As the article indicates, it would serve as a bonus for the RBPF. Will this course be just another training stint?

At the same time I wonder what's happenning with our Forensic Laboratory. There seems to be little heard of them since the issue about mold. Are they still functioning.....asking because I don't know.

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