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Matthew Griffith and Ricardo Howell say the pedestrian overpass is a good idea as crossing the highway is dangerous. (Pictures by Nigel Browne.) Parkinson Memorial Secondary School principal Orson Alleyne calls the construction of the nearby pedestrian overpass as an excellent idea.

By Carlos Atwell | Wed, September 19, 2012 - 12:05 AM

The pedestrian overpass being constructed across The Pine section of the ABC Highway is already coming in for high praise.

The overpass will run from close to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation across the road, near the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School.

It will connect the Pinelands area to places such as the area of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, ending the need for pedestrians to walk on the busy highway.

The MIDWEEK NATION spoke yesterday to several people with an interest in seeing the overpass completed, such as Pine residents, schoolchildren, Member of Parliament for the area Hamilton Lashley and the principal of Parkinson Memorial Secondary, Orson Alleyne.

Alleyne said the welfare of his students had long been a concern of his, as several have to cross the highway to catch buses.

He said he had also voiced his misgivings after the jersey barriers were created prior to the pedestrian crossings being placed.

“We had a few incidents where [drivers] ran into the back of other people who stopped to let pedestrians cross. We were also getting issues with emissions from vehicles when they stopped, particularly in the morning and evening when you would get a line of traffic [waiting on people crossing],” he said.

Alleyne described the overpass as an “excellent” idea.

“My main concern is that the students and the community need to be educated to use the overpass and to use it correctly. I have already decided I would educate the students here,” he remarked.

Three students, Keisha Moore, Regina Forde and Shareece Garrett, said they regularly crossed the highway, so they were glad the overpass was being built.

“It can be dangerous because you have to stand up in the middle of the road sometimes [and wait on traffic to pass],” said Forde.

Pine resident Matthew Griffith said the overpass was a good idea as the pedestrian crossings were not placed correctly.

“When you cross, even if someone on the inside lane stops, you find the people on the outside fly by and, to me, the zebra crossings were not a good idea; they were too close to the roundabout. The first thing [drivers] are looking to do from a roundabout is [accelerate],” he said.

Griffith said the overpass might also discourage people from trying to hop over the jersey barriers.

Ricardo Howell said motorists either did not see pedestrians or simply did not want to stop for them to cross; so an overpass would be “useful”.

However, he declared: “We have to think about people hanging out on that overpass at night, looking to rob people.”

Member of Parliament Lashley said the overpass would prove a great relief to schoolchildren who have to cross the highway.

“That is a very dangerous road and the only thing that could solve the problem was an overpass, which is really a bridge of safety. I welcome it and I am glad the children will soon not be at the perils of oncoming traffic,” he said.

Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce told the MIDWEEK NATION he would soon be talking in a public forum about issues pertaining to the overpass.

He said plans for building an overpass across the Brandons section of the Spring Garden highway were being finalized.

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years, 1 month ago
As a current resident in NY, it can sometimes take over 2 hours to get from one end of the Bronx to the other end in Brooklyn, 12 hours from NY to South Carolina, there is no need for anyone to be speeding in Barbados, it is simply too small a country, where are these people in a hurry to get to, that they need to kill someone to get there, it amazes me. I've walked from Sturges in St. Thomas, to Bridgetown many times whenever I missed the bus, many of these people simply need to get out of their cars and walk a bit, maybe the country will save a little on foreign exchange, and health care costs.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 2 years, 1 month ago
Congratulations to MTW and whoever else is responsible for this invaluable piece of work. My thoughts, like Ricardo Howell, now turn to the security of pedestrians as they traverse, especially at night. I hope that further efforts are made to ensure that lighting, cameras, manpower, signage (no waiting/loitering) and whatever else is necessary, are quickly in place.

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Posted by Bim Bum 2 years, 1 month ago
And as Government discovered in Trinidad
it shall become necessary to also erect chain link fence along that strip of highway
to stop silly people trying to cross the highway The Easy Way
by ignoring the pedestrian walk-over provided for their complete safety
-and instead try hopping the divider-wall, only to get smashed-up instead!

It may seem longer, but it is way WAY safer!

  • 1
Posted by Derico Weir 2 years, 1 month ago
Great idea- this over-pass will safeguard may pedestrians. I was amazed by the ones carefully constructed in St Lucia. With oval-shaped meshed canopy. So no-one can jump--Wish I could send a pic! Anyone want to see leave your email!

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Posted by Bim Bum 2 years, 1 month ago
Dear Sol Fish,
You need to live here for ten+ years,
enjoying ten+ nice warm Perfect Summers
of humidity
combined with September/October doldrums
then tell us why we don't walk daily from Bridgetown to Sturges.

NYC climatic conditions are *far removed*
from Barbados climatic conditions!
I have walked my butt off in Manhattan, something I'd never do in Barbados.
Why? One word: CLIMATE!

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years, 1 month ago
In reply to Bim Bum, I lived 28 years in Barbados never had a car, walked from St Stephens to Oistins, and to Speightstown and back and from Boscobelle all in the hot sun, as a 8year old kid walked from cave hill to Roebuck School and back each day.
In NY I've walked from Thomkins Ave in Staten Is to the Ferry and Bowling Green to 59 st Central Park, and one day from Kent Ave Brooklyn, to St Albans Queens, the weather doesn't bother me, winter, summer, nor spring, 90 degrees not 30, for distances too far I take the bus or train, but would rather walk. Wow I missed those standpipes in Bim, they provided the sweetest water in the world, for my hydration.
We need to leave the cars at home and walk a little more, and have a bit more respect for the simple pedestrian whether it be a little child or the elderly, is it worth the rush to snuff out someones life in the mad haste to wherever one is going in little Bim, allowing a few more minutes to reach your destination can add a few more years to another persons life. STOP THE SPEEDING.

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Posted by Sol Fish 2 years, 1 month ago
It seems that the moment some people gets behind the wheel of their cars, no one else has the right to use the roads any longer, no motorist, no bicyclists nor pedestrians should be ahead of them, and if you are heaven forbid you will be ran over with glee, their vehicles are equipped with loud horns and no brakes except for when they reach their destinations, its time people slow down a bit, quit the mad rush to kill yourself and or other road users, a life destroyed cannot be replaced by a simple sorry, I think the laws need to upgraded to charge some with vehicular homicide, I've seen people being hit and sent flying by these same drivers even though the had enough time slow down and come to a stop, the attitude is they had no right crossing the street in front of their cars, as a full time pedestrian I now cross behind cars even when they come to full stop in front of me, even if the driver give me permission to cross before him or her, as a pedestrian I've come to realize parts can be purchased for most cars, but none for the human body. Time to slow down, love your fellow road user, love life, including your own and others, in this small little community called Barbados, quit the mad rush to nowhere important, is it worth it if you nor your fellow road user never reach your intended destination in this life because of an accident that could be avoided with a little more caring and basic common sense or love for others ?

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