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Pregnant woman held in dope haul

Police uprooting marijuana plants which they discovered in a bushy area in Welch, St John, yesterday morning. (Pictures by Nigel Browne.) Members of the Marine Unit were kept busy wrapping the marijuana plants which they seized.

Sun, May 05, 2013 - 12:05 AM

A pregnant woman was among three people held when police conducted three drug operations in less than 24 hours between Friday and yesterday.

Head of the Police Drug Squad Superintendent Grafton Phillips told the SUNDAY SUN that the woman, a Jamaican national said to be in her 20s, arrived at Grantley Adams International Airport on a flight from Jamaica. She is hospitalized at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, having passed out several marijuana pellets.

Police netted 505 pounds of ganja valued at close to $1 million, 531 marijuana plants, a boat and two suspects in separate operations at sea and on land.

The Drug Squad, assisted by the Regional Security System (RSS) and the Barbados Coast Guard, seized 505 pounds of marijuana at Tent Bay, St Joseph.

Sometime later, the Coast Guard intercepted the suspected drug boat off Half Moon Fort, St Lucy and arrested two Barbadian men who are now in custody assisting with investigations.

The continuing drug eradication exercise also reaped success with the Marine Unit confiscating 531 cannabis plants found at two locations.

Thirty six plants were found in a bushy area in Castle, St Peter, while 495 were uprooted at Welch, St John. Thirty-five cannabis-filled, wax-proof wrappings were also discovered in a hut in Chalky Mount, St Andrew.

No arrests have been made in these seizures. (MB)

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Posted by David Hall 1 year, 5 months ago
St John is the weed growing capital of Barbados.

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Posted by Carl Harper 1 year, 5 months ago
What would have propelled a pregnant woman to swallow marijuana pellets and endanger the life or health of her unborn child? SMH

Some people should not be mothers...and bloggers have been in here arguing all last week about the importance of procreation.

Is this what we have been calling for in the union between man and woman?

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Posted by Thora Jones 1 year, 5 months ago
I am glad Bajan immigration officers have not allowed the Shanique Myrie case to cause them to let down their guards. They obviously need to remain vigilant.

I am still having difficulty understanding the fact that while Bajan law enforcement officers are aggressively working to wipe out marijuana crops and arrest marijuana traffickers (sometimes resorting to shootouts with them), the Bajan government is holding up Rihanna, one of the biggest advocates for marijuana use in the world, as "The Face of Barbados" and as an ambassador for Bajan youth.

The government clearly does not have a coherent policy on marijuana.

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Posted by D. Stoute 1 year, 5 months ago
This woman was not thinking of the fact that she was pregnant when she swallowed those pellets. If she did she would not have swallowed them. She was on a mission.

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Posted by Hazeline Goddard Ross 1 year, 5 months ago
@Thora Jones, drop the Rihanna crap, you are flogging a dead horse. I honestly thought you were done, but you are back at it again.

Rihanna cannot make anybody do wrong or right, she is not even a parent. Tyler Perry has a movie titled, "I can do bad all by myself". That pertains to all of us.

There are young people in Barbados who would never follow Rihanna in the wrongs that she does from time to time, instead they will pull the positives and try to use them. They choose.

If you want to blame someone for the ills of the youth, start with their parents and households that failed them.

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Posted by D. Stoute 1 year, 5 months ago
I also find it disturbing that the RBPF avidly pursues drug offenders, but an attempted murderer is allowed to walk free and finish his crime. I am still deeply disturbed by that woman's death.

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Posted by cold winter 1 year, 5 months ago
Part 1 MR. Harper here we go again, yes she endanger the child life. what is that to do with procreation, I am one who like to watch a lot of documentaries, rather I am Canada, USA or Barbados, there one that I never forgot, the rape and sodomized of ABORIGINAL children by priests in Canada. you want to talk about children, Homosexual serial killers gay man kill children, Homosexual rape and murder of children, Gay man killed intern who resisted sexual advances. Sick gay Pedo. posing as children's entertainer arrested, said he wanted to kidnap, rape, kill and eat boys and young men.

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Posted by Pan Wallie 1 year, 5 months ago
Along with the charges of trafficking and possession etc, I wonder if they would/could not be a charge of knowingly and willingly endangering a foetus. I expect this to bring some argument about a foetus being a life and extend all the way into the abortion thing, but Ileave that to the debaters.
It has to be a special sort of fool to risk the life of an unborn this way, at the expense of earning a few meagre dollars. Few? Yes is the pickings that disappear quickly worth the harm it can cause this foetus? Are the mules paid when they are held and goods not delivered? And where is the insurance policy to cover the 'loss' of goods? When will these people learn that quick upward mobility like this has a price? What is wrong with the sweat of the brow? The argument of poverty does nto stand either.
My real point to this is that we have too many children with psychological problems and all other issues, who before they knew themselves were harmed. We spend money on all sorts of resources,conduct all sorts of investigations and treatment plans to attempt to correct the stupidity and wrecklessness of parents. Sometimes we never succeed.Really, this lady deserves more than drug charges. Besides, look at the deceit in itself of using Gods gift. What pain for all the women who would love to and are unable to conceive!

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Posted by Thora Jones 1 year, 5 months ago
Hazeline Goddard Ross,

You must have been absent when reading comprehension and critical thinking skills were taught at your school, if they were taught. Unfortunately, those topics are not taught or not taught well in many classrooms.

I could not care less what Rihanna does. My issue is that the government of Barbados is holding her up as "The Face of Barbados" and as an ambassador for Bajan youth. It simply is not logical that a government that acts as if it is concerned about marijuana trafficking, gun violence, delinquency among the youth, and the sexual exploitation and abuse of women would hold up as a role model someone who has gun tattoos, tells millions of readers to raise their guns on Twitter, tells a reporter a gun is a symbol of strength to her, wears a gun shaped pendant, posts pictures of herself supposedly smoking marijuana, posts pictures of images of marijuana plants, posts pictures of herself rubbing up on female strippers in strip clubs, and posts pictures of herself in various stages of undress with an abusive boyfriend.

If the government is concerned about the aforementioned problems, they need to hold up people who speak out against those problems, not a person like Rihanna who perpetuates the problems. That is common sense.

I am an educated woman who attended good schools. I will continue to use the education I was blessed with to speak out against nonsense I see in society, even if it appears I am beating a dead horse. You can skip my comments in the future. If you have not noticed, my comments usually get more responses and more positive responses than many others. Obviously many people agree with what I say.

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Posted by Kandia Griffith 1 year, 5 months ago
"She is hospitalized at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, having passed out several marijuana pellets."

Girl you aint serious!?!? *extremely confused face*

I know times are tough and the pressure is on to have $$ and needs met; but endangering the life of your unborn child?!?! Endangering your life?!?! *Sigh*

"The Drug Squad, assisted by the Regional Security System (RSS) and the Barbados Coast Guard, seized 505 pounds of marijuana at Tent Bay, St Joseph."

Good job in this area... now what about the other areas? Areas such as allowing murderers to walk free? Saving lives are important to yuh know.... In my opinion ALLOT more important!

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Posted by Hazeline Goddard Ross 1 year, 5 months ago
@Pan Wallie, at least you recognise that 'PARENTS' are the ones in some instances destroying the lives of their children. Some of them are born damaged from drug use and grow up to be drug users themselves because they were already exposed in the womb.

To Thora and all of you with the thumbs down, I am confused that you all want to blame Rihanna for young people's use of drugs. Long before she came on the scene, drug use was a serious issue among young people, ask the NCSA and juvenile court for stats. Who was blamed then?

There are lots of Barbadian youth who follow Jamaican artiste more than they follow Rihanna, are the Jamaican artiste to blame for their drug use?

Rastafarians say they used it for spiritual benefits, are they to blame for young people using it?

People from all strata of society use drugs, will they be blamed for young people using it?

Big-ups in our society have been and are still calling for marijuana to be decriminalised, are they being blamed for young people using it?

Thumbs up or thumbs down, at the end of the day, blaming people for the destructive behaviour of others will yield nothing, nada, zilch.

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Posted by Hazeline Goddard Ross 1 year, 5 months ago
Part 2: I heard people calling in on Brass Tacks saying there is nothing wrong with using marijuana, one man was so bold he gave his name and said he was smoking a joint on the job and he even proceeded to tell the moderator the difference between Barbadian and Jamaican grown marijuana. They are the ones living among the youth in Barbados who are more likely to give them, but Thora did not blame them, she is blaming someone who is hardly ever here and when she comes only hang with a select few.

We need to accept responsibility for our actions, deal with the consequences and look for solutions to our problems and stop the blame game.

We need to instill values and standards in our children, teach them right from wrong and give them reasons why we discipline them. Let them know that as parents we made mistakes as well and that we love them and want to see them live productive lives and even when they make mistakes be there to assist and guide them. Children raised in this way are more likely to make the right choices in life's situations.

Stop the blame game

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Posted by Janet Mayers 1 year, 5 months ago
Money is the root of that woman's evil. Obviously she never thought of what could happen to her unborn child, the money ruled.
Imagine, a paid trip to Barbados ,drink a laxative, fish the pellets out of the excrement ,receive a few thousand dollars and return home most likely to do the job again.
I have heard of mules with an English vocabulary of three words MILK OF MAGNESIA. At least this woman could be interrogated sans an interpreter.
May she learn some lessons from this experience.
This is a serious undertaking that these people take lightly.

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