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Rihanna unveils BTA campaign photos

Rihanna unveils BTA campaign photos Rihanna giving a taste of what is to come. (Internet Photo)

Wed, November 07, 2012 - 12:00 AM

It was just a taste of what is to come when Barbadian international singer Rihanna yesterday gave a sneak peak into her Barbados tourism campaign.

A mere five photographs were released on her website Rihanna Daily, teasing readers with images, which only reveal the Grammy award winner "in part" and complemented by intriguing clips of a campaign that is designed to entice and lure visitors to these shores,

The mysterious journey begins with phrases like "The end of the road is just the beginning", moving on to the idea of "Getting lost is the quickest way to find something new" and then "The biggest risk is not taking one" and " Adventure is discovered". The teaser to the campaign ends with "A stranger is just a friendyou haven't met yet."

Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority Adrian Elcock said “For the first time we will be able to launch a fully integrated ad campaign and we are very excited about that".

Rihanna has signed a three-year contract with the BTA to promote Barbados.

The photographs for the campaign were taken in August this year when Rihanna was in Barbados. (CM)

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