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Wed, June 16, 2010 - 12:32 AM


MINISTER Of Tourism Richard Sealy says several cultural and sports tourism benefits could be realised from Barbados’ forthcoming airline link-up with Brazil.
At a Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) Press conference held at Hilton Barbados yesterday, Sealy said sports such as football, hockey and polo could benefit from the airlift in and out of Brazil which starts on June 26.
“There are all kinds  of opportunities for many sports, namely football, hockey and polo. I would like to think that sports tourism could benefit a great deal from teams coming from Brazil,  the largest country in South America.
“It may not necessarily be a national team but there are club, state  and school sides who would relish the chance  to visit here.
“I will wait to see to what extent some of the sporting organisations here will take advantage of it. The prices are affordable. It is certainly cheaper than going to Europe,” he said.
The new service, a  six-hour non-stop flight to Sao Paolo, is in association with GOL, a low-cost low-fare airline which offers about 800 daily flights to 61 destinations connecting cities in Brazil. The service will operate weekly out  of Sao Paulo, on Saturdays, using  a 737 aircraft with about 130 commercial seats.
Flights will depart  Sao Paulo at 4:35 p.m.  to arrive in Barbados  at 9:15 p.m.
The turnaround time will be approximately  45 minutes before the flight returns to Brazil  for arrival on Sundays  at 4:35 a.m. Sao Paulo time, which is one  hour ahead.
Additionally, potential travellers will be able to book their travel both through the GOL website at  or through tour operators.
Before a head table that included BTA president and CEO David Rice and Brazil’s Ambassador to Barbados, Appio Claudio Acquarone, Sealy said the Brazil link-up could have spin-offs for masquerade band leaders.
Stressing that Barbados was keen to partner with GOL, Sealy said Brazil’s growth rates were impressive, just over five per cent, and the per capita income was  also growing.
The minister said much work still had to be done.
“Sustainability is the key. We have got to work hard. This is the point  I make to the BTA officials. We have to work the market.

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Posted by freddie brathwaite 4 years, 4 months ago
Although I applaud Barbados attempts to access new markets in South America,there will be a big problem-the language barrier.It will start out well with good numbers coming to barbados but the numbers will dwindle bacause of the general inability to comminicate in english/portuguese.I think Barbados will be beter served accesing markets like Costa rica,Nicaragua and Panama,which have a high number of desendent from west indians who can communicate in english.The long term plan is to make spanish compulsory right through all years in schools.

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