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Tribute to Sir Branford

Tribute to Sir Branford (Picture by Nigel Browne.)

Tue, February 19, 2013 - 12:08 AM

Sir Branford Taitt was back in his Eagle Hall stomping ground last night, energizing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters with his positive spirit.

The late long-serving St Michael West representative, who died last week, was honoured by his successor Michael Carrington and other DLP candidates for his contribution to Barbados and the party. They held a brief candlelight vigil in his memory at the site of his old constituency office on President Kennedy Drive.

Above, the picture of Sir Branford along with placards paying tribute to him on the candle-lit platform. There was also a moment of silence in his name after the National Anthem was played to start the meeting. (SP)

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