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Alexandra teachers being childish

By – Tammy Gaskin-Lewis

| Wed, January 16, 2013 - 12:01 AM


SOME READERS may agree with what I have to say, some may not, but it’s still my opinion. But can somebody tell me that in a country that is supposed to be “developed” with a 98 per cent literacy rate, the highest in the Caribbean, and a “democratic and christian society” could there be so much “ignorant”, childish behaviour being exhibited.

I have seen teenagers and children exhibit more maturity and understanding than some of these individuals. Mind you, these “educated individuals” are supposed to be in positions of authority and in some cases responsible for molding and shaping the minds of this country’s youth.

I speak to the Alexandra School situation.

Because we are democratic society and some people in the civil service are rarely held accountable for their actions, it seems the example we are setting for our very impressionable youth is that when you don’t get what you want you blame whoever is around. You point fingers, you throw temper tantrums and hold the powers at be to ransom.

I get that if you were working someplace for a certain amount of years and you were told one day that you are being placed somewhere else you would be hurt, especially if you have formed strong bonds and may have to work under strenuous conditions.

But if this job is something that you love to do, it should not matter where you go. You should see it as an opportunity for someone else to benefit from your wealth of knowledge and to mold young minds that thirst for knowledge and form new friendships.

It scares me that one group of individuals has the power to hold a country and a Government literally to the sword to get want they want (in an election year, no doubt).

A policeman’s job is to serve and protect, a doctor’s to heal the sick, a teacher’s is to teach, that is the profession you chose. Our forefathers toiled long and hard to pave the way for you, your children and children’s children to have access to something that eludes so many of the world’s children today: the freedom to learn. If our children are to suffer a lack of education in order for you to get your point across, then it is really sad.

Bajans that support this behaviour need to look at it from the point of these children, take the politics out of it. Should these teachers get what they want, can they in all honesty go back in a classroom and look any child in the eye and teach them about peaceful conflict resolution or about bullying at school?

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Posted by Lionel James 1 year, 9 months ago
Your characterization of the actions of the Union and the teachers is one that shows some lack of understanding of this issue. The Union has listed the "myriad" problems that this transfer business has and will cause. Some of it is coming true already! The unnecessary and wholly avoidable madness that this disruption causes to the students, the extra teachers now having to be hired to cover subject the transferees cannot teach make a mockery of what the Chief Education Officer assured the nation. Compatibility was the last thing on the minds of those who hatched up this scheme. To protest this nonsense can never HONESTLY be characterized as "throwing temper tantrums". Unless, of course, one is prepared to so describe all the protest movements against wrong and injustice. That would be unfortunate!
Posted by Erin harewood 1 year, 9 months ago
Whilst I do agree with the comment that a doctor's job is to heal the sick, should one then insist that an ophthalmologist be forced to do a kidney transplant (if one cares so much about the suffering of the patient)? After all they are both doctors aren't they?

Would the ophthalmologist be accused of being petty or throwing tantrums or being too comfortable at the polyclinic? I suppose he should meekly go ahead and get on with the transplants.

Again I say we are either very ignorant or very hypocritical. I pray that we are being hypocritical because if we are that ignorant GOD help us all!

The Alexandra situation needs to be properly dealt with NOW. Since we are suffering the embarrassment NOW, let us fix the foolishness NOW. Otherwise it WILL rear its ugly head again and again and embarrass us all over again.

Our children ought not to be pawns. Neither should our TEACHERS.
Teachers are of the utmost importance. THEY MAKE EVERY OTHER PROFESSION!

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