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An ugly sight for a walk

By John Derek

| Thu, December 06, 2012 - 12:01 AM

An ugly sight for a walk ()

I am a regular visitor to the island and always stay with friends in Atlantic Shores.

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a deterioration in the cleanliness of Barbados, but would like to comment specifically on the cliff land along Enterprise Coast Road, as I use it on my walk to Enterprise Beach (Miami Beach).

The area next to the beach house for the Palisades Condos opposite has become a garbage dump for fast-food containers, plastic bags and condoms left by the many nightly parkers.

I remember that before the condos and beach club were built, the land was protected by boulders, so no vehicles were allowed to park on the cliff. Locals and visitors were able to enjoy the scenic view of the South Coast and the surfers in Freights Bay.

This view was taken away with the construction of the beach house.

The boulders were moved during construction of the Palisades Condos and beach club, as the contractor used this land to store equipment, building sand and so on, and never put back.

This is a real shame as just below by the coconut tree and bench that area is well kept and enjoyed by many locals and visitors.

This area is heavily used by photographers for weddings, the scenery and  enjoyed by the many locals fishing from the cliff.

Although the beach club cannot be moved, in the interest of Barbadians and visitors, I’m asking that this land be again made inaccessible to vehicles.

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