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Eating healthily not so healthy

By Ian A. Marshall

| Wed, August 07, 2013 - 11:59 PM


Ever so often, the powers that be communicate to the public the statistics concerning non-communicable diseases.

We all seem to know someone who is affected with one or has gone to the Great Beyond because of one. We have already established that lifestyle changes are necessary in terms of healthier food choices, but what is not made clear to the populace is that those so-called healthier food choices are themselves afflicted with pollutants which make healthy eating useless.

By this, I refer to the many chemicals which are used in the cultivation, harvesting and production of virtually all of the food we consume.

My research has identified some main chemicals which are prevalent in over 90 per cent of the food that is consumed by Barbadians whether imported or local. These include artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, aluminum, which is used in virtually all food packaging, artificial colours like FD&C green and red #3, BHA and BHT, which are preservatives, Carageenan, potassium bromate, nitrates found in meats and other dangerous chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup.

I am not satisfied that the powers that be are researching and informing the public of these dangerous chemicals which come in our food and in the long run they become carcinogenic in our people. Sadly, many people do not care and are just intent on eating food regardless of what it has in or where it comes from.

Local food too, is tainted with pesticides which are spiralling out of control. This seriously questions the wisdom of our experts who urge us to eat local and healthy but are negligent in safeguarding the nation’s health. These issues need to be looked into as a matter of urgency as our survival depends on it.

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Posted by Sodi S 1 year, 2 months ago
Excellent article. You have hit the nail on the head. People need to learn how to really READ food labels. Not just believe that something is "healthy" because the manufacturer says it is.

You have to understand what is in processed foods, and also what is in conventional meats, vegetables, and dairy. However like you mentioned, many people could not care less. They have low will power, and zero interest in learning about the source of their food. They have no clue what "Farm To Table" means, and they have no interest in finding out. They just want either the cheapest foods they can buy, or the food that they like to eat. Regardless of where it comes from, or what is in it. Don't even try to mention organic food to them...They are always quick to say "I can't afford that." Yet, they will find money to buy clothes, or make sure their car or house has the latest..It's all very sad really...

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