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How to really get Rihanna tourists

By E. Jerome Davis

| Thu, November 22, 2012 - 12:00 AM

How to really get Rihanna tourists ()

Pray tell me, Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), how will Rihanna’s image draw visitors to Barbados?

Rihanna practically lives in the United States and Britain. The citizens of these two countries see more of Rihanna than Barbadians do. People from other parts of the world are privileged to see her on her many tours to their countries.

Yes, the BTA’s Rihanna focus will ensure that the world over knows of Barbados, but after that, what?

Barbados cannot see it fit to even erect a billboard of the superstar outside the Grantley Adams International Airport. When tourists arrive at the airport and seaport, the first thing they should see is Rihanna large and in living colour.

Just as cricket fans can go to Kensington Oval and take pictures next to Sir Garry’s statue, tourists should be able to pose next to a life-size photograph of our superstar here in Barbados.

Where is the Follow Rihanna To Barbados Annual Concert? Where is the Rihanna March Break Beach-Fest? Where is the Rihanna Kadooment Band? These are the types of initiatives that will see an influx to Barbados of Rihanna fans and tourists as a result of a Rihanna promotion.


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Posted by Snow Cone 1 year, 11 months ago
Please, please, please, don't match Rihanna with our Great Sir Gary Sobers. I have never seen our Great Sir Gary Sobers strip down to his undies yet and/or pose naked in any magazine or otherwise; but me, you and the public at large have seen all of Rihanna’s body parts, once too often. She is an exhibitionist, and isn’t fit to represent any aspect of Barbados because she does not represent the true essence and flavor of Barbados, which is PRIDE AND RESPECT FOR ONESELF AND OTHERS.

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