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Losing way with vulgarity

By Lester Carter

| Mon, February 18, 2013 - 12:00 AM


It amazes me that in a supposed 95 per cent literate nation, how so low we can go in the name of entertainment/culture.

If it is not perverted, it is a host of drunken-like babbling, and laced with drug glorification. A backward society, I say.

We know that repetition is a great teacher, so I now turn to our children. This backwardness is seen every day in our children’s behaviour. They are the spitting image of their mentors. They are regurgitating the filth that is being fed to them.

Then we turn and lambast them when we see ourselves. Parents in Barbados have lost their way. Vulgarity is no longer frowned upon. Women bending over and a man ’pon de bumper and bubbling. This describes the men and women in Barbados. The posters in town are pornography and nothing short of that. How do we expect to progress?

Barbados is a nation hell bent on destruction. Where is the church? She is deafeningly quiet. Remember, righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Barbados has become a reproach to God and He will act.

Barbados, God will act, and when He does, we will be sorry, very sorry. Yes, He loves us all but this does not legitimize the sin in Barbados.

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Posted by Kenneth King 1 year, 8 months ago
This is not only a Barbadian problem, this is happening all over the World. The problem with our own country is that all that we had valued are gone, in saying that I mean in my day we had religion in schools then it was taken away, it had played an important part in keeping some of the spiritual life we had left. We seem to forget a part of our culture was the Land ship which used these gyrating methods in their dance. When you allow something like this to go on for so many years and the church kept lip service to the increasing movement, this is the result today. Now the other problem is the church has failed in many aspects for its involvement in sexual molestation which I find still today not clearly address, my argument is clean your house first and the flock will follow. I know of many church activities that hire before popular bands and other artist to support their fund raising events; there is a need for purification in our society but it begins with those pointing the finger.

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