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Much like the curate’s egg


| Tue, January 01, 2013 - 12:01 AM

Much like the curate’s egg ()

The effect of a United States Federal Court of Appeals ruling  (on the invalidity of American interdiction of drug smugglers  in foreign waters) on Barbados’ acquiescence to Shiprider protocol is now to be tested.

With both Israel and the  United States indulging in making legitimate pharmaceutical hay out of narcotic plants, which we are compliant in eradicating, should we not be sharing the benefits  of a profitable and beneficent enterprise instead of the futility  of attempting to frustrate its abuse by violence and force of arms?

Is it not a travesty when the insatiable demand that increases the smuggling of contraband is generated in the same territory  that supplies arms to smugglers and “law” enforcers alike,  as fuel added to fire?

Shouldn’t the failed pre-emptive strikes in the Caribbean Sea be abandoned and the real problem tackled by reducing demand for contraband or legitimizing its consumption at home?

When are we going to start thinking for ourselves instead  of hopping on every international bandwagon for a three- to five-year trip with grants and perquisites on board for the few on both sides that do and leave undone the same always at the expense of the many?

It has still to be realized that it is not always the driver of the machine who is to blame  for its performance.

The driver is the politician;  the machine is an irresponsible  and impregnable establishment (like the curate’s egg –  good in parts).

It produces nothing itself,  but obstructs too many enterprises with the jealousy of the proverbial dog in a manager.

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