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No place for discrimination

By – Celeste Brathwaite

| Mon, February 11, 2013 - 12:01 AM

No place for discrimination ()

While reading SUNDAY SUN classifieds, I saw an advertisement for a housekeeper, but what shocked me was the request for non-nationals.

When I contacted the person for clarification on non-nationals, the English sounding female told me “just what it says, I don’t want any Barbadians”.  

I then asked her “why is she here in Barbados”, she hung up the phone on me.

This woman didn’t care that she was discriminating, nor did she care.

The most upsetting part of this story was the fact that the newspaper printed the ad, without thinking about what it meant.

What’s even more insulting, she would not be able to place an ad in a national newspaper in Britain. But she thinks it’s alright to do it here in Barbados.  

I contacted the classified section to draw it to their attention and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I also felt I needed to share my concerns with the general public.  

Last year when Sir Roy Trotman made a comment about the treatment of the staff of Diamonds International, a big issue was made of his description of the employer, missing the issue completely.  

Barbadians need to address these issues fairly and stop burying their heads in the sand.

For all those people that don’t want to live or work with Barbadians you should be residing in another country.

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Posted by Kay-rani Rosita 1 year, 8 months ago
Ms Braithwaite, thank you for writing about this particular subject and drawing it to other people’s attention.
Whenever there are ads such as these, and you look at the job description, it is obvious that there was no need for a non-national and that is was blatant discrimination on the part of the employer.
The newspaper should never have run the ad because it was discriminatory but I guess they are in the business of making money. If they had refused to run it the people placing the ad would had have to think twice. Instead, they received permission to continue to treat Barbadians with disregard. They think so little of us it is disgraceful. Sir Roy Trotman tried to make a difference and his own people lambasted him this is one of the reasons why Barbadians are mock overseas.
Posted by Kay-rani Rosita 1 year, 8 months ago
Has anything really changed since independence? Some people are like “free” slaves, and all of this in their own country. I am so ashamed. You are right, no newspaper in England would touch it and she knows it, but she also knows what she can get away with in Barbados and she did get away with it.
I agree, if they do not want to live or work with Barbadians, they should leave and live elsewhere, but they will not because they are living in paradise lording it up over the locals.
Let us see how many will respond to your letter, I would be very surprise if it’s more than a handful, the people do not seem to care and are too busy “fighting” each other. They need to get their act together before they wake up one day and find that history has indeed repeated itself.

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