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Not the Barbados I’ve known

By Margaret Berry

| Fri, December 21, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Not the  Barbados  I’ve known ()

I am a Canadian teacher from Vancouver, who has been coming to this beautiful island for 30 years. On December 1, I watched an Independence parade in St Philip, and was appalled.

What has happened to Barbados?

I remember mannerly, well dressed schoolchildren who would offer elderly people a seat on the bus, beatific smiles and attitudes, and so on. On that day I saw a Barbados I did not recognize and one I could not recommend to others.

That parade was obscene, totally disorganized, sexually disgusting, and smacked of filthy, smutty innuendos.

 It began at aproximately 11:30 a.m. and we were stuck in traffic until 4:30 p.m. because we were not allowed to continue driving, as police were monitoring some altercations around Well House.

There was no designated parade route as such, so that people visiting,  or needing to be at The Crane, or somewhere else at a certain time had to wait or be rerouted to areas unknown.

Young men were urinating at will along the road; the language coming out of their mouths and some of the young girls was loud, profane and shocking.

Plastic cups, food containers and other garbage were literally thrown everywhere. When one not so young girl was chastised and asked to pick up her litter, she insolently replied that the garbage men would do that.

Is this what free education spawns?

I think I would prefer to see Barbados of old where nothing was free, manners were taught and both young and old Bajans had postive attitudes and respect for their country, people, and property.  

Finally, it was obvious from the beginning that nobody had bothered to explain to any of the revellers the accepted codes of conduct while on a parade route. I am disappointed, Barbados.


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Posted by Tony Webster 1 year, 10 months ago
Ms. Berry, thank you for your comments and observations. They reflect, accurately, similar conclusions - and not a little bewilderment- of many Bajans. However, I believe that the majority of Bajan families try mightily to raise their children to aspire to be good citizens in general.
Perhaps we can restore your confidence that we do indeed have a reserve of outstanding young people, in whom we place our trust , and our future. Alittle Pentcostal church just up the road from the Crane resort, Calvary Temple, would be happy to welcome you to Christmas morning wervce (7.30am), where you can meet see some of the wonderful young people whom we trust to lead this country in future years. In any event, we welcome you again to this fair country, and thank you for your patronage, loyalty and concerns. We extend every good wish to you for another Happy Christmas with us, and His blessings upon you in 2013.
Posted by Melly Mapp 1 year, 10 months ago
When it comes to some individuals, vulgarity and obscene behaviour is the norm and the words decency and dignity is not in their vocabulary.

Ms. Berry, what you saw should not be a broad reflection on the island's youth. Often times, I also have written on the level of vulgarity during some of these festivals and a matter of fact, try to avoid some of them for that reason. But having said that, the island of itself has not changed in may respects but some of the masses have. This past September, I was invited by my well respected Harris cousins while on the island to a Youth Seventh Day Adventists event at Oldbury St, Philip and what I saw was nothing short of inspiring and spectacular. It was like an old time Bajan Church revival conducted and arranged by the youth and they did an excellent Job.

Our youths today are the leaders of tomorrow and there is a tomorrow. The youths of Barbados are still some of the best if not the best in the Caribbean and beyond.
Posted by Olutoye WALROND 1 year, 10 months ago
Finally somebody to say "the Emperor is wearing no clothes" even if it is a foreigner.

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