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One very bad example taught

By Sharon McAllister

| Fri, December 14, 2012 - 12:00 AM


Totally disgraceful! That’s the only way I can describe the action taken by the The Alexandra School teachers shown on the last SATURDAY SUN’S Back Page.

As a parent of a son at the school, I see the walkout as disrespectful to the children, to us parents who were there, to the school and to the Ministry of Education.

And I can see no reason for it. It could not have been in response to anything the principal had said in his very positive report. Indeed, one of the teachers shown in the newspaper was given high praise by Broomes. I believe the teachers’ immature and disrespectful behaviour was premeditated and a result of very bad advice.

The school has been through enough; and it seems to be weathering the storm. It is obvious that Mr Broomes, through his care and concern, continues to earn the respect of his students and of us parents who hear what our children say.

This was seen by all present when the students showed their deep affection through the exceptionally warm and vocal response they gave him as he walked onto the platform to give his address.

My son refers to [him] as the “best principal in the world” . . .  [and] sees him as the father figure he never had. I lost my husband when my son was only six.

You teachers who [chose] to grandstand to get your pictures in the newspaper should be ashamed of yourselves.

Whom did it hurt, and how professional were your actions? Your actions were immature, disrespectful, and not befitting persons seen as senior professionals within a school.

My main interest in this matter is what is decent and good, as an example for my child. That behaviour was not!

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Posted by Godfrey Bynoe 1 year, 10 months ago
Do you realise that many of the protests actions of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. were seen as "disgraceful"? Do you know that the many of the speeches and actions of Nelson Mandela were deemed "disrespectful"? I'm pretty sure there were those who thought Bussa was psrticularly disgraceful and disrespectful! It is also made quite clear that Jesus was seen as disrepsectful and disgraceful by some. There were many, many people who considered these people as extremely bad examples in their time. So much so that three of them were killed and one of them was imprisoned for 27 years!!!
The lady is obviously entitled to her opinion...but it a mere echo of those made against every person or group of people who have been brave enough to stand up against and call attention to an unacceptable situation.
Posted by Leonard B 1 year, 10 months ago
@ Godfrey Bynoe: It is shocking to see that you are choosing to compare the actions of a very misguided and immature teachers to those of MLK, Mandela, and Jesus Christ, among others. This says quite a bit about the way that you think. Surely you can't be serious. Here is a school principal addressing an assembly and the very people who are supposed to be demonstrating a team approach walk out in full view of their students. No wonder the students have lost respect for teachers and cling to their principal so strongly. Any disagreements or discussions of this nature should be addressed and demonstrated to the principal, not students and parents. If they disrespect or dislike the man then show some respect for the office. That is as disrespectful as Donald Trump was to the US President and, very unfortunately, people like you encourage them. Shame on you! LB.
Posted by Godfrey Bynoe 1 year, 10 months ago
A "team approach"?! Are you for real?! Do you have any concept of what has to be present for the formation of a team? You have either failed to read the Commission of Inquiry's Findings or you have chosen, like the proverbial ostrich, to bury your head in the sand of denial. Both unfortunate responses.
Protest actions of those standing up against what is unacceptable will always be met with reactions such as yours which betray a one-sided, superficial analysis (sic). The examples presented were merely to establish the historical context of such reactionary behaviour. Sorry you missed the point.
Your comment would merit serious consideration if you showed an iota of concern for the well-known circumstances that led to such an action. Apparently, you choose to ignore that aspect ...but the Commission's Findings establish these circumstances very clearly! Give them a read, sir. Ignoring facts will never, in any way, diminish their essential truth.
Posted by Lionel James 1 year, 10 months ago
Leonard B has completely missed the point. Deliberately?. Bynoe has posed a number of questions to the reader; very pertinent questions designed, I believe, to encourage the reader to put the criticism of Mrs McAllister into a historical perspective. The instances of the REACTIONS to the protests of Martin Luther King, Jr., et al, against the injustice and wrong that existed in their own time was that which was being compared to the REACTION of Mrs McAllister now. He should have included Sarah Ann Gill and Clement Payne! Read their stories. Bynoe’s point is well made. Our present heroes had to endure vilification, persecution, physical harm and, some, even death as they stood up against a status quo that was unjust. Is having a man, identified as a manipulator of children, remain as principal, just? Is having a man, identified as victimizing , bullying, demeaning these very same teachers, remain as principal, just? Your comment about “team” is so absurd in the context.
Posted by wayne husbands 1 year, 10 months ago
to the writer, this action was meant to encourage compliance with the legal process in our country, after all that this process has been through, Mr. broomes has not once considered putting his ego on hold and if he really had the pupil's best interest at heart, he would've done the honorable thing and step aside, mr. broomes has shown exceptional qualities of a great teacher, but he has demonstrated the epitome of failure as a principal. in this modern society his rulershipship approach with corned beef politics has been outdated. this is time for a leadership approach, something that is foreign to broomes

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