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Slow, please! Men working


| Tue, November 20, 2012 - 12:00 AM


“Slowing” devices need to be put in place on the ABC Highway where construction is being done, particularly from the D’Arcy Scott Roundaboutto the Marshall Trading Roundabout now being built. Reduced speed limits, humps, plainclothes police would all help.

New school names should keep part of the old that indicate location (for example, Winston Holder St Lucy Secondary School). And those who say certain school names should be changed ought to notice they already have names associated with people; and we are not reversing the facts of history; just building forward-thinking recognition of our “greats”.

Some questions: when will the Government pay Al Barrack?

What about Four Seasons? Is the new hospital really to be located in Kingsland? Can we get Garcia home to Cuba now that there are immigration changes in Havana?


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