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To Bay Land glory


| Thu, December 13, 2012 - 12:00 AM

To Bay Land glory ()

I was born in the Bay Land, the home of Sir Garry, Sir Harcourt, Mack Ince, MBE, and Nat Brathwaite, the famed Notre Dame football player, who, if you believe the folklore, was the first professional football player in Barbados’ history.

The Bay Land is also home to YMPC and Notre Dame sports clubs.

    Growing up in the Bay Land, I would see well maintained asphalt roads; so much so, you could race your scooter from one end of the avenue to the other without fear of breaking an arm or a leg.

    We had the “Six O’Clock Scavvy”, a sanitation worker so named because he would clean the streets at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. By the time I was ready to enter secondary school, some residents of the Bay Land had running water and electricity, and when I graduated some already had refrigerators, telephones and cars.

For the past 30 years, the Bay Land was represented in the House of Assembly by a Prime Minister, an Acting Prime Minister, an Attorney General, a Minister of Education and a Minister of Tourism.

    And if I had fallen asleep for the past 30 years and awakened today, the only thing I would have noticed that was different in the Bay Land was that some folks had converted their chattel houses to wall, and some to split-level ones.

    Apart from that, absolutely nothing has been done to the infrastructure, or for the beautification of this unique village called the Bay Land.

Today, YMPC is an eyesore, the avenues are a collection of roads filled with potholes and overgrown with grass. Walcott’s Avenue, where Sir Garry grew up, should have been paved with gold, and not in the sorry state it is now in; and there should have been ten-foot statues of Sir Garry at either end of the avenue. Beckles Road should have been a boulevard rivalling Belleville and Strathclyde in their heyday.

    My wish is that whichever party wins the upcoming election would restore the Bay Land to some form of glory.


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