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What’s in a school name?


| Thu, November 08, 2012 - 12:01 AM

What’s in a school name? ()

I am confused! Really,  I am! There was a time when I knew the name  of every school in Barbados. Now in my 40s, I hardly know them.

It seems that the Government of the day  is bent on changing  the name of every school, and I am finding it really hard to keep up with  the name changes – both primary and secondary.

What I do not understand is why Government is changing the names of newer secondary schools, and not touching the older ones.

Is it because we consider these schools to be elite  by name and nature? Is it because a name change will take away from  the status we attach  to these schools?

What about renaming Combermere after one  of its well known heads. “Old boy Charlie Pilgrim” comes to mind. Or what about renaming  The Foundation School  after former principal Major Hugh Barker?  And The Ada Straughn School could replace  The Alexandra School.

But, no, it would be repulsive to think  of rebranding these older educational institutions.

It seems we are still slaves of the past – even  if it is just in our minds – and a society of social cliques and misguided intelligent people.  Enough said!

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