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'Scabical' vs moral

luigimarshall, luigimarshall@nationnews.com

Added 16 February 2011

The immoral manifestation of “scabical” in our society is truly an affront to our national identity. A group called the Barbados Scabical Club was created on the social media site Facebook with photographs of women being exposed shamelessly in sexually explicit acts.  In the technological era that we live in today, I fail to comprehend why the creators of this page/group could not foresee in their limited capacity the effects this could have.   The intentions of the creator(s) of this group seem to be humorous, but this is a no-nonsense matter. The creation of this page is an insult to Barbados and Barbadians.  What type of future does this country have, if this “scabical” behaviour is accepted as being morally right? Do some Barbadian youth not have any national pride?  Are we patriotic only in the month of November? What say these women who appear in these photos of their dignity and self-respect? After the hard fought battle for women’s rights and equality? But I cannot be biased, for both men and women have “liked” this page.  This leads to several questions, the most important being: how are morals being defined in our society today?  We cannot blame the church or the Government, for they are but entities of the state. Then whom must we cast the blame upon? It is not my intention to blame all the youth, but there is a minority that needs to be addressed. A measured response would be first and foremost for the removal of this page on Facebook.  Then all Barbadians must examine the causes of this deviance, and steps to eradicate it taken. The Government cannot do it alone; all Barbadians must be involved.

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