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Govt not living up to its word

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 09 September 2013

This government has sent a clear message to the voters of this country: Our word cannot be trusted. When I was told during the election campaign that the civil service would be untouched, I believed them and I voted for them. When the Prime Minister said the CLICO problem would be resolved and policyholders made good, I believed him and I voted for them. Now my mother is about to lose her job in the civil service since she was never appointed and the few dollars she put in an insurance policy with CLICO looks like it has evaporated since she is tired begging for her money and getting nowhere, while the Government refuses to speak about a solution. Ever since the start of the financial crisis, Barbadians have been forced to pull in their belts even tighter, forfeiting many of the pleasures that once made up the texture of our daily lives. In the meantime, energy prices have soared, food bills continue to rise; in fact, the price of almost every commodity has risen in the last five years and we’re being taxed into oblivion. For most Barbadians many of the things that were once seen as unmistakable badges of middle-class status have slipped out of our reach, including free university education. Unless you are one of the tiny minority of the very rich in this country, the future looks bleak. The only glimmer of hope is that one day an election has to be called again in this country and I will not be fooled again.

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