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Staying clear of US, Russia rhetoric

rhondathompson, rhondathompson@nationnews.com

Added 10 September 2013

I’m against the United States attacking Syria. I don’t think that one may be labelled cynical, though, for being unimpressed with the efforts of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar at peacekeeping. Practical may be the appropriate word. It’s like two chihuahuas trying to prevent a pit bull from attacking. It would seem that neither United States President Barack Obama nor his advisers objectively and unemotionally thought this matter through, and I would venture that he’s now regretting his impulsive statements.   The United States Congress, as well as the objections of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, may still let him save face. When two poisonous snakes are battling each other, the best thing is to steer clear.

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