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shadiasimpson, shadiasimpson@nationnews.com

Added 06 November 2012


THE leading questions posed and positions taken by political scientists, columnists and talk show hosts have all given the impression that the incumbent Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is some kind of “out of space” leader of this little island. It will be necessary for the political science students, historians and writers to reflect honestly on this period at a later date. In reality, Mr Stuart does not come from a political elite family, has never been flamboyant and does not seem to possess the master and slave (king and subject) attitude. He has those qualities which we still do not like: being black with kinky hair and having a mother who was a maid. In class-ridden Barbados, many still feel he ought to know his place and take it – be neither seen nor heard. Of his opponents, Peter Wickham is consistent in that he has never been an admirer or supporter, while Pat Hoyos is from a family with long ties to the Barbados Labour Party, running from the late Sir Alexander (chronicler of the Adams family) to another Hoyos now active in St Michael South-East. But freedom of expression is allowed, and should be respected. That being the case, I would like to add to the discussion by asking that the said critics of Mr Stuart answer the following. 1. Can we expect public officers to be abused again consequent upon a change in Government? 2. Should we expect the wrap-up of the debate to the Budget to be degraded by heaping abuse on anyone who opposes the boss? 3. Should we expect people to be called at home or at their offices and cursed for having a different view? 4. Can we expect nothing to be done once again with the reform of the public sector? 5. Can we expect threats of legal action once again to shut down debate once questions are raised about the actions of those in public life? I await the responses, but I am not holding my breath.

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