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In whose best interest?

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 07 November 2012

It doesn’t matter when Owen Arthur wants the general election called, since it is not his decision to make. I hope the Prime Minister serves his term and calls the general election in April, when it’s due. I’ve never heard that the Government in office calls an election because the Opposition wants one. I thought a term was five years. And Mr Arthur wanted four terms! Mr Arthur only called elections early the last time, giving the Opposition two weeks to prepare, because he was so sure he would win and the Dems would “never be the Government of this country again”. But the people had other ideas. I hope they use their heads again and judge who’s doing what in their best interest. Or will we be relegated to peeping through the railings at Ilaro Court – which our taxes pay for – while the rich and famous drink champagne and eat caviar? Or will Ilaro Court, as Ronald Toppin suggested when David Thompson became Prime Minister, be turned into a hotel, catering to visiting diplomats? I hope the youth, single mothers and the 90-year-olds think before voting.

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