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Obama, emperor of the Upper Nile

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 14 November 2012

We, of the African Race, and keepers of the conscience of the first inhabitants of the Garden of Eden, have a president.   The citizens of the great country of the United States have elected a scion of an emperor of the headwaters of the Upper Nile, to be their president for a second term. This victory is of primordial importance to peoples of the African race and to all men and women of goodwill. There is no question but that race was an important element in this last election. The Republican leaders openly made race an issue, and were determined and deliberate enough in their racial pursuits. But, justice came down like many waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream! The storm was prophetic in its purpose, a week before voting day. The red shirts and the red states bit the dust of defeat; just as the red shirts will be defeated in Barbados when the bell rings here. The Democrats have won in the United States, as the Democrats shall win in Barbados and continue the fight for the well-being and upliftment of the poor and middle class and dispossessed in Barbados. The citizens of Barbados, in their political thinking, are not very dissimilar from Americans in theirs. They know that the posturing of some politicians still do not elevate them to be performers of miracles at the Pool of Bethesda.   President Obama has reconfirmed our faith in the integrity, worth, and greatness of our race. We have always been a great people; a God-fearing people; and a people of enormous charity, even to our oppressors and those who despitefully used us. Freundel Stuart will also rejoice at the rendezvous of victory, when the Barbadian electorate meets at the confluence of political engagements. Mr Stuart, I entreat you to “go up to Ramoth, Gilead and prosper! And, as you fight with the beasts at Ephesus, call upon the name of the God of our forefathers’’.

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