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Bullying not helped by belt

shadiasimpson, shadiasimpson@nationnews.com

Added 15 November 2012


Old habits and beliefs die hard. There are many unfortunate souls who believe that whatever success they have achieved was a direct result of being flogged  or whipped. It is a fallacy of monumental proportions.  I guess that those who have become successful law-abiding citizens, but were not at the receiving end of some very “hot lashes” are nothing but flukes. Anybody who believes that bullying can be stymied or eradicated by corporal punishment has certainly never heard of “adding gasoline to fire”. Bullying can only be effectively controlled by the involvement of family (parents), school and those children who have not yet engaged in bullying. We need to see bullying in the same light as unprotected sex, driving under  the influence of alcohol, and disrespecting other people’s property. Children must be trained from the age  of five or before that inflicting any form  of harm upon others  is not acceptable. And those who think that bullying is confined  to actual physical abuse are way off base. Modern forms of bullying are now executed via emails, texts and other new media. They are widespread and just as destructive as the “schoolyard bullying”. It is amazing that those who lift their pens, and regale us with the need  to be civil and less violent are the same ones  who feel the almighty “beatings” and floggings are the answers  to all our problems. It is time that we skip the emotion and stop reaching back into the land of nostalgia to solve serious problems.  There is need to stop dismissing those who have spent years researching societal ills and respect professionals, who don’t believe that grandmother’s strap or the headmaster’s belt soaked in turpentine, are the only ways to solve problems affecting wayward youth.

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