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Christmas season under attack

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 19 November 2012

I grew up in a Barbados where our Christian values and culture were at the forefront of our culture and decision making. In particular, the Christmas season commenced in early October and ran to Christmas Day. During this season, we embraced the privilege of celebrating Independence as well, which made for a very festive and happy November. However, for the past few years CBC has made a deliberate effort to ban the playing of Christmas music until December 1. This is an unjustified attack on our religious culture, which would never have been conceived by our forefathers and pioneers of Independence. Why do we need to suppress the spirit of our Christmas because of Independence Day? Is the three weeks leading up to Christmas now seen as a season? How much airplay can our local artistes who invested in the production of Christmas music expect in this tight window? Let us all enjoy Independence, but leave our Christmas alone. I am sure the Barbados media will aim to start Crop Over and its bashment music for four to five months prior to the August jump-up day, yet the playing of one Christmas song before December generates resistance and anger from so-called nationalists. This gross hypocrisy is blatantly insulting to our intelligence and our religious rights for the following reason: CBC postulates that November is reserved for local music only, yet 98.1 and 94.7 continue to play North American and Jamaican contemporary music with gay abandon. Christian people of Barbados, you need to open your eyes and observe the strategies of our enemy the devil and his well disguised agenda – attacking us while hiding behind the National Flag.

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