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Wolves at our door?

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 29 November 2012

I reacted with trepidation on reading Caswell Franklyn’s article Wolf In Wolf’s Clothes in November 18 SUNDAY SUN. It appears that the Government is preparing to collect most, if not all, of its money by way of a Central Revenue Authority. This is bad thinking, and will lead to much hardship for many citizens. Any Government that rewards its supporters and pays little or no attention to the opinions of the rest will always be the subject of relentless criticism. Many citizens are suspicious of the Central Revenue Authority and most wonder why at a time of high unemployment, economic deprivation and social disruption, a Government would want to ignore revenue generating and turn to revenue collection. This Central Revenue Authority thing will see a large number of workers displaced and others huddled in unfamiliar places. And what about the stressful psychological effect that would be brought to bear on the families of the displaced? Will the Central Revenue Authority be housed in one building or in separate ones under the control of more than one head? Will there be specific legislation guaranteeing the rights of workers, especially those who have given years of sincere service to the country? Of course, some older workers will be resistant to learning new tasks, particularly those who have already climbed the ladder. A Government faced with economic and social disruption as it is should not be seen as giving succour to it.

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