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marciadottin, marciadottin@nationnews.com

Added 30 November 2012


I’m from a place where there was slavery, Where one of our National Heroes set us free. Bussa broke us free from the British masters, On November 30, 1966, finally we were freed from those [blasters]. I’m from a place where the National Colours are aquamarine, gold and black. Oh, how we are never going back! A place where we love our mauby with cou-cou and flying fish, This is a treat one would hate to miss. I’m from a place where there’s free education. Errol Barrow is who we received this from. A place where schoolchildren ride the bus free. David Thompson gave us this to show how generous he could be. I’m from a place where there’s Mother Sally, She and her big behind, wukking up for all to see. How she moves it side to side and up and down, Would surely cause a man to lose his frown. I’m from that place most easterly in the Caribbean, Looking on the map not much bigger than a bean. This place is beautiful and great. I thank God for this island he did create.  

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