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Pushed to rocky ground

shadiasimpson, shadiasimpson@nationnews.com

Added 03 December 2012


It is interesting, but far from amusing to be advised by the C.O. Williams radio and newspaper announcements that visitors to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital may not park their cars in the lot allocated to them at the hospital until Christmas. Apparently this is as a result of the work on the Constitution River. I applaud this work, since the Constitution River area is an eyesore and its improvement is long overdue, especially in view of the Bridgetown revitalization efforts. I note that no alternative parking area has been designated via these announcements. My concern is that this rocky, unsurfaced and, one may even say, dangerous area could be referred to as a car park, unless the definition of a car park is an area where people are forced to park their cars. It is an insult to the people of Barbados to have to be subjected to these conditions. The area is not secure, there are numerous people, some possibly with questionable motives, bombarding you with various requests before you can even alight from your car. And last but by no means least, the surface is so uneven that you are liable to end up as a patient rather than a visitor at the hospital. Why is the “sort of paved” car park, which was originally used by visitors, now allocated to staff until after main working hours? Has the staff of the hospital increased so much in recent times? If this is so, I would expect much better and quicker service at the institution – especially the Accident & Emergency Department where little, in my personal experience, has changed over the years. Alternatively, of course, it could be that in these recessionary times, each member of staff – from the CEO to the orderly – has now purchased a car. We know the Government is facing a difficult financial situation, but I am sure it would only require a small part of the continued wastage of funds – like those spent on the large Government entourages travelling overseas and the first class airline tickets allegedly purchased for such purposes – to improve this parking area. In the meantime, can a public announcement be made regarding an alternative parking area to be used by visitors to the hospital? I doubt whether parking along Martindale’s Road would be accepted by the powers that be.

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