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The Merrymen of Barbados, a fabulous band

shadiasimpson, shadiasimpson@nationnews.com

Added 04 December 2012


The Merrymen of Barbados, a fabulous band For years have entertained us at home and in faraway lands. From Blue Waters, The Marine, The Pepperpot too, To Holland, Canada and England they flew. Performances sold out from Port of Spain to Georgetown The Royal Albert Hall in London, bringing the house down.   The original group, Emile, Robin, Stephen and Chris, Supported by Foss on the drums, oh it was pure bliss. Archie, Steel Donkey, You Sweeten Me, The Girl Next Door. Need to name any more? The list is so long, almost goes out of sight. But my very best favourite Hold Back The Night, Found originally on the album From Dust Till Dawn. This song is scintillating like a buck wooing a fawn.   Speak of indigenous, that’s Emile’s middle name, With painstaking research of a historic vein. Again I’ll start listing to try to explain: Jessie Mahon, Conrad from Payne’s Bay, Millie in Brazil, And, of course, Look Muh Hey! Who Calling? Barnabas, the fugitive, and Sam Lord too, and still to be true This talented Bajan has not got his due.   When it comes to the sound of this group, It’s distinctively clear that there’s none on earth like it; oh not anywhere. That lightning right hand on banjo or tenor guitar, Robin Hunte, is maestro extraordinaire; The positive pounding on the bass guitar from Chris While singing Mrs Henry, with fellas planting a kiss.   Robert Foster on drums kept the percussion intact. Just listen to God Bless Bim; it confirms the fact. To many who don’t know, it may very well seem That the rise to fame and fortune was an easy flowing stream. But I know better; so I can attest, Despite going through the wringer, by sheer perseverance, They came out the best.   So I congratulate you in this 50th year, on the release of your compilation Of scores of songs and DVD information. I wish you the best from this point forward And add, it’s long overdue that they stop being cowards By distinguishing you with this land’s highest honour To a deserving Bajan, without any rancour. – David A. Duff

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