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beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 05 December 2012

I was “privileged” to hear most of the Duguid-Inniss infamous exchange in the House of Assembly on my radio. This exchange followed closely on the heels of the Hamilton Lashley “. . . what de hell . . .” remark  made when he was addressing Chairman the Honourable James Paul. Admittedly, I did not hear the expletives uttered by the Honourable William Duguid. However, there is no doubt that the entire episode was set in motion by Mr Duguid’s comments. Mr Duguid’s comments drew the ire of Mr Inniss who could be heard repeatedly referring to Mr Duguid as a “fat slob”. It is alleged that Mr Inniss also made reference to Mr Duguid’s family. My concern in this matter is that people have sought to crucify Mr Duguid, even though he humbly apologized for his less than honourable behaviour. The Chairman Mr Paul and the Speaker the Honourable Michael Carrington should have scolded Mr Inniss just as severely as they did Mr Duguid. Mr Duguid was chastised for prefacing his apology with the reason for the outburst. However, it is common knowledge that the sincerest of apologies are usually prefaced by the reason for the action which necessitated the apology. In closing, let me recommend to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation that the House debates be relayed on a delayed system and that they be rated PG.

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