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Where is the money coming from?

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 12 December 2012

A caller on the VOB programme Brass Tacks asked where the $12 million was coming from for the construction of the three concrete molasses tanks at the Bridgetown Port. Surely, $12 million is nothing. The Government wants to spend $1 000 million on a new hospital (which Owen Arthur rightfully said would be a waste of taxpayers’ money), $400 million on Andrews Sugar Factory (you will never see that money again), $300 million on a new cruise facility at the Bridgetown Port, and $800 million on solid waste management in the next six years. Where is all this money to come from? From borrowing, for our grandchildren to have to repay? I understand the Government is borrowing money every month to pay civil servants’ salaries. Do you know what would happen if a private sector company did that? It would shortly be bankrupt. I read in THE NATION that there are 7 000 temporary Government workers. I say, send home, if not all, 5 000 of them. Then maybe the remaining 2 000 would do some work for fear of being fired. These temporary Government workers (?) should never have got jobs in the first place. I am sure there are some civil servants who work very hard.

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