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One very bad example taught

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 14 December 2012

Totally disgraceful! That’s the only way I can describe the action taken by the The Alexandra School teachers shown on the last SATURDAY SUN’S Back Page. As a parent of a son at the school, I see the walkout as disrespectful to the children, to us parents who were there, to the school and to the Ministry of Education. And I can see no reason for it. It could not have been in response to anything the principal had said in his very positive report. Indeed, one of the teachers shown in the newspaper was given high praise by Broomes. I believe the teachers’ immature and disrespectful behaviour was premeditated and a result of very bad advice. The school has been through enough; and it seems to be weathering the storm. It is obvious that Mr Broomes, through his care and concern, continues to earn the respect of his students and of us parents who hear what our children say. This was seen by all present when the students showed their deep affection through the exceptionally warm and vocal response they gave him as he walked onto the platform to give his address. My son refers to [him] as the “best principal in the world” . . .  [and] sees him as the father figure he never had. I lost my husband when my son was only six. You teachers who [chose] to grandstand to get your pictures in the newspaper should be ashamed of yourselves. Whom did it hurt, and how professional were your actions? Your actions were immature, disrespectful, and not befitting persons seen as senior professionals within a school. My main interest in this matter is what is decent and good, as an example for my child. That behaviour was not!

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